My Eufy Robovac 15T Review

Hello Folks, Anker had reached out to me and asked me to test the Eufy Robovac 15T and here is my Video review of it. Hope y’all like it. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer the best of my ability


Awesome review as always. I have said it before, I really need to get one, because there are not enough hours in the day to be able to vacuum every day like I should with 2 kids and a ever shedding dog. I just need to keep poking the wife about it lol

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I already watched it on my feed :+1:. Excellent review :+1:

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I got a 11S a year ago.
First I was sceptic about.
But now, Willy is more than a helper, he is a real need.

Oh I forgot Rob, excellent review as usual. :wink:


Great Review @Tank

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Great video review! :ok_hand:

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nice review

Another great review from @Tank!

Excellent video!! I really hope to nab one of these soon.

Its a great vacuum, i was surprised athow mich it picked up. Even more so at all the cat and dog hair that my dyson usually misses, this vacuum got it all


If there are so many pets in your house a cleaning after every suction is necessary. The hairs will spin around the wheels the brushes etc.

But whom I tell, not you, but the others. :rofl:

If you watch the video at the end you can see all the cat and dog hairs inside the catch basin. Its nice tk h e short hair pets as their hair usually doesnt get stuck in the roller

So lets wait for a long haired lady! :grin:

That would be my wife…and i deal with her hair everywhere :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you are an investigator you can find out quite all if taking a look at the garbage and the vacuum of somebody.
My daughter is here at home at the moment, so her long hair is to be found at the brush of course.

Great review! I didn’t see this earlier, so thanks for the link on the other page. These things pick up so much hair! It’s crazy how quickly dirt, dust, and hair gathers. Even after a day of just cleaning. I need to get a schedule set up. I currently only run mine once every other week.

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