My Anker AA and AAA battery review

I purchased these batteries when they appeared on my power user page. Small discount to test and try Ankers newest product at the time, so i figure it was worth it since i needed batteries anyway.

I purchased the 48 pack of Double A and Triple A batteries. Anker claims these to have a 10 year shelf life and has a power rating of 1.5V.

As you can see from the pictures these come nicely packaged. The Double A comes grouped in 6 and the Tripe A comes grouped in 8 per bundled package. This is my only gripe as thats a bunch of plastic that is uneeded, @ankerofficial please take notice.

Now for batteries it is hard to test when you dont have prper equipment. So for this i used 2 flashlights and tested Anker batteries against Duracel batteries. I used my Coast flashlight which uses 3 tripple A batteries and a cheap Expandable flashlight that uses a single Double A battery.
I put fresh batteries in each and turned them on, i let them run until the light was no longer visible…i didnt measure the voltage, but they were basically dead as in they wouldnt even power my IR remote.

The Coast flashlight on high setting lasted just under 26 hours @ 25 hours and 51 minutes with the Duracel batteries, with Anker batteries it lasted 26 hours and 4 minutes…this is with 3 Tripple A batteries.

The Expandable flashlight lasted 7 hours and 22 minutes with 1 Duracel AA, and 7 hours and 30 minutes exact with Ankers AA.

What this tells me is that Ankers battery does as it should and can hold its own against more established brands.

A little tear down
So anker claims these are leak proof, and in wanted to see and verify that claim. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS DO AS I DO HERE.
I removed the plastic casing, to reveal the shell. Anker, like other battery manufacturers use a casing that is 2 peices with the bottom being the only part that can or will leak. Anker has designed the bottom with what looks like vents, possibly to regulate internal preasure or to help alleviate internal preasure as the battery heats up. Anker also uses a green plastic leak seal as you can see in the pictures. Now i didnt try to force the battery to leak…i have done this in the past, but its kinda scary and dangerous so i opted not to do this. But, i did take apart the duracel to see what they have for safety and it appears they only use a fiberglass or paper…i can’t tell, but thats generally where these batteries leak. So as long as Ankers works as hey describe I would definitely recommend them to others.



Great review and photos!! Good job!! :clap:

Another great review @Tank!

I’m going to take apart my anker AAA’s now :+1:

Nice review @Tank , like the effort to test the battery-lasting ( time & focus consuming ) & tear-down, good call not to open the battery up :+1:

Honest! Great!

A unskilled person should NEVER open any battery, that’s true Rob!

Great review @Tank :+1:

Nice review. The batteries look to be well made and these large packs are perfect keeping extras on hand for future needs.

thanks for sharing

Great job!

Thanks for another great review! Always show us your exploring spirit. :+1:


These are some really great batteries, Anker always makes great dependable products.

Thank you!!

Great review. I’m gonna order some as well

Great review, as always. :slight_smile:

Another first rate review @Tank as always :slightly_smiling_face:

Are we gonna have a follow-up in 10 years to see if the shelf life is accurate? :wink: :grin:

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Great review @Tank :+1:

Lets hope to see it :rofl:

nice review… thanks for sharing… they are in my Amazon cart now …

Great review and tear down, @Tank!

A great n very useful review, it says… Not significantly better than Duracell, and at double the cost, I’ll stick to Duracell.

I like the Costco battery’s…