Motion+ Equalizer settings?

Firmware 33.35 seems to have fixed the issue. Turned speaker on, custom was already working as I had set it. This may solve using the speaker with another device which would be awesome.

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You see announcing some problems here
MAY lead to solution.
Sometimes. :wink:

I can confirm this, updated to 33.35 and now the settings stick!

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Hey! It’s quite gratifying to see the previous comment link one of my videos :blush: I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to let those who are interested know that I’ve got some new EQ settings for firmware 36.38

EQualizer setup I made myself
My Phone Xiaomi mi max 2 snapdragon 625
Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP, LE

Hello guys, sorry I’m late to this thread since I just got my motion + a few days ago.

Yeah I agree with Chiquinho! The ideal eq depends on many things…
I tried Oluv’s settings and yeah, I also thought there was no treble…
I also tried Alan Ross’s eq but the bass was a bit much for me and it seemed to distort quite a lot…

So I spent some time trying to create an eq that I really enjoyed and this is what I came up with.
If anyone tries it, please do share what you think.

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Its a good hint for mac users.

I tried eq settings posted here and none worked for me, so I played a little with sliders and this is the setup that makes real difference.

Ears, music and recordings are different.
You did it perfectly, finding out what fits for you.

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Try the EQs here Sir,

Rock, Pop, Flat, Harman Target Curve, Harman Signature, JBL Signature etc.

Wow ! This sounds great. Just bought the speaker yesterday. I’ve tried Alan Ross’ EQ and felt too much base in my ears. Don’t know anything about EQ but didn’t feel good in my ears. Not saying his EQ is bad but my taste is a bit different.
Your EQ here saved me. Thanks.
Leave a reply here if you’ve updated this EQ after the latest firmware upgrade.

I personally don’t use the soundcore app reason being cause it doesn’t give the option to save custom equalization.

Poweramp has always been my sound modification as of 2012 back then it was Poweramp v2 music player.

Many said the break in period is a myth well I’m here too tell you it’s not. I owned a Earfun Uboom L with firmware 4.3. I’ve allowed the drivers to get worked up with moderate volume levels for about 2 weeks and I was amazed by the sound quality that came from such a small unit. The bass frequency claimed too be 65hz after the break in period the frequency level hit as low as 60hz, I’ve tested this with Two Feet - Love is a b#tch soundtrack.

As of last month I’ve now owned a motion plus and I’ve allowed the break in period to occured with 2 weeks of continuous playtime for 15 hours each day. Two Feet playlist via Spotify is an awesome way too get your speaker drivers at optimal performance.

The motion plus after the break in period sounds like a beast. Low frequency claimed to be 80hz via the app. But the box the unit came in said ultra-wide frequency range 50hz - 40khz, truth be told the 50hz it’s the real deal. It won’t be thunder shaking or heart pounding bass but it can be heard within the different soundtracks, 40khz can’t be heard with human hearing but there a possibility it is there.

Poweramp v3 Equalizer app is the best way too get that tuned performance anyone is locking for.

Thank you for publishing.
Nice to read, because I only use speaker, no earbud or headphones.

We were discussing the “eq settings” here very often.

Result. everyone needs his own adjustments.

Those individual adjustments depend on :

  1. Ones hearing ability
  2. The music
  3. The individual taste of sound (bass or treble)
  4. The speaker itself
  5. The location of the speaker in the room / outside
    (This is a “science in itself” to find the best place for a speaker in a room) :wink:

I don’t use the app.
(no app on my old LENOVO)
I am using PulseEffects .
Its absolutely the best program for audio adjustments I ever have used.

Too Those who’ve claimed that oluv EQ has no tremble note that his first EQ was based on 33 or 34 firmware.

Now the new firmware which is 37 the EQ been updated.

36 - mids are more focused with moderate high frequency
37 - deeper bass and high frequencies across all volume levels.

39 and 45 - sound becomes mediocre

Seen oluv EQ is somewhat close to flat response it gives my unit more headroom for Poweramp EQ.

We had a lot of discussions about eq-settings.
There is NO ultimative solution.
Different hearing ability, different music, different locations of the speakers in the room. etc.

One should find out the best solution by him/herself.
Play around and enjoy your own eq setting