Motion+ Equalizer settings?

What do those words say … Wave Equalizer.

It’s your own screenshot.

Previously you said you didn’t know what OLUV was, and now you mention it again…
“If I am not mistaken oluv identified”

Don’t get pissy with us, we are not paid by Anker to be here, we try to help if we can.

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The screenshot which, yes, says wave equalizer (never noticed) is from Anker. It is the official Android Soundcore app. You are implying that I am using some third party EQ app. I am not. I would not be here on an Anker forum asking for help regarding a 3rd party EQ app because I am not an idiot.

I know who Oluv is - he figured out the settings that I like.

Lastly, I understand there may be a firmware update that dropped today. It may fix this so I will test and see when I get home.

You don’t need to assume that every new question on a forum is because the person is probably doing something wrong. If confusion stems because I did not create my own thread I apologize.


The vast majority of people coming for help on here, have caused their own problem, there are tho, some who have a genuine product issue no fault of their own.

I think perhaps, if you’d said… I’m having problems with the Anker Soundcore app, it may have resulted in different responses… Maybe?

It seemed to myself and others, your problem was with EQ generally and was confused by it sounding different in different locations.

As someone who often gets pissy, I can’t say… Calm down next time there is a misunderstanding.

Unless the name is Anker official/technical then we are all users and just here for the fun of it.

Don’t worry- that was my fault. I should have payed closer attention :wink:

Sounds like we are all good. I’ll report back tonight if I get a new firmware.

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I have the exact same problem as Kevin and sadly the new 32.35 firmware did NOT fix the problem for me :frowning: I still have to open the app and switch to some other EQ setting and back on every restart for the setting I want to take effect. Very, very annoying. I wrote to customer support once more and if they don’t come up with a solution I’m going to return the speaker.

I dont neither need the soundcore nor that “oluv” application.
Linux with banshee Android with jetAudio.
No more needs at all.

Hope you got all fixed.
If the firmware update is done,
why dont you use that Jetaudio when you are on Android?

No new firmware. I have 32.35 and that’s what I’ve had since updating after the initial unbox. I tried a second speaker in dual mode. The EQ issue gets even worse. Unless I set the main speaker to custom first before powering on the second, it never even applies correctly. Plus I have noticed some dropouts that do not seem range related (each one works great in single mode to a long distance). I think I am going to send the second one back even though it sounded very good when working.

Whilst Anker sort that app issue, the permanent work around would be the app I suggested
As you can see, you can fix a preset/custom to a particular output.

I may be splitting hairs but I would suspect that the Anker app actually takes effect within the speaker DSP rather than on the other side of the Bluetooth link (i.e. the phone). I would think that may be best but perhaps I am being too much of a purist…but that is a good alternative if this never gets fixed I guess…

It will probably be fixed soon- especially if you contact support directly to let them know. I don’t have this issue with the soundcore flare…

But this will work only for music played THROUGH Poweramp, right? Because I don’t see how I can get this to work when using Spotify…

Not at present, that I know.of, or can find.

You can use SCROBBLE (WHATEVER THAT IS) using Poweramp.

But there might exist “independent” eq as well.
Search for, test these an tell us.

I’ve found this for £1.73 (GBP)

It says you can use for any music platform Inc Spotify


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Anker customer support got back to me on the issue and they said that yet another firmware is in the works and will be released within the next few days. It’s supposed to be fixing the problem for good, we’ll see about that.

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:fingers crossed​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I was able to set the EQ settings and modify the sound from my phone while the soundbar was connected to the tv and was played contect. No EQ app exist on the tv. That’s why i prefer internal, hw based eq over software based.

Moreover I would prefer a way to map this custom EQ to the bass button on the device. So if Anker devs read this forum, please consider this feature.

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More than fingers crossed
Mac said.

Toes crossed amd whatever you are able to cross. :stuck_out_tongue: