Motion+ Equalizer settings?

Hey :slight_smile:
Today i received my Motion+ Speaker and its awesome.
I heard that a good Equalizer setting make it even better.
Can u post your EQ settings? Maybe i can copy yours :slight_smile:


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There is a eq added at the Soundcore app.
I dont use it, because I run the speaker under LINUX. :grinning:

There is a eq added at BANSHEE.


You might use any other eq with such a possibility to adjust the frequencies.

Regarding the SOUNDCORE app :
As far I heard (I can not prove, as I don’t use) you have to do the adjustments every time when starting the app.
This might be some kind of boring.

Normal would be you store your different eq-adjustments and apply it with the different speakers you use.

Is this possible with that SOUNDCORE app ?


Had a small play with the equaliser settings during testing but mainly have kept to the defaults (and can’t really complain :wink:)

As for the SoundCore app, during testing under iOS the custom settings were retained whether the app or the speaker was restarted…plus the equaliser settings seem to be per model in the app…

For my soundcore flare it saves the EQ settings- but they’re not very thorough or good.

I use POWERAMP music app from Google play store. I personally signed up for lifetime (was quite cheap back then)
This is eq settings

This is tone and balance etc

This is setting any delays and extras

I also have the general phone settings… Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Seems to be similar to that Banshee eq.
10 frequencies and a preamp.
This a the state of the art.

It great at setting crossover to stop music gaps, it is soo easy to set up playlists, search all areas of device for MP3 files etc, and auto places in folders.

It’s one of thee best music player apps, maybe because it’s just music, so it’s focus is more concentrated‽

I know this I got the free version on my Samsung tablet.
(vacations only :smiley:)
Same functions at this BANSHEE (LINUX)

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I think there is some funny business with the EQ on the Motion+. I have it set to the recommendations from Youtube reviewer Oluv’s Gadgets (as a side note I would have preferred a more careful tuning because it is nowhere near flat out of the box but these EQ settings sound pretty good to me even though they look wild). Anyway, there is an inconsistency to the way the EQ retains its setting. Every time I use the speaker, it seems like I need to open the app (Android), choose a different EQ setting and then go back to custom. This is annoying. Also, for other devices, it would be nice if I could set the EQ by my phone and it would “stick” regardless of what I connect, at least until the Bass Up button is pressed or something that would naturally reset.

Am I in the right place for Anker folks to see this or do I need to use a different method to reach out?

Otherwise I am very happy with this speaker. The EQ is a major nit that impacts the convenience/usability because of the convoluted juggling in the app every time I want to use the speaker.

You forgot some things:

The quality of the recording.
The place were the speaker is located.
The habit you like to hear music and the kind of music you are listening to.

AND last not least :
Your own ear sometimes good or sometimes a little deaf like mine . :grinning:

Oluv’s settings.
I tried these.
He really killed all the treble.
Not convenient for my ears.
The Motion+ sounds like wrapped in a huge blanket.

As I said:
The Banshee eq can store different settings
and I use these with my different speakers .
This is perfect.

I use the Oluv EQ all the time. I think it sounds good. However my issue still stands. I have to open up the EQ every time, switch to something and go back to Custom. Then it works. This is really annoying. Please fix it!

Try this “poweramp” as Mac mentioned.
I use this at my tablet as well…

The app I suggested, can be used to not only play music and have great eq settings, but you can choose to save a particular setting for a particular device.

So when using headphones plugged in, it auto uses programmed 1
Bt headphones 2

I have a setting for my sharp soeaker, so when inturn him on n use POWERAMP tomolay my music, it auto uses the eq settings for speaker.

As @Chiquinho said, there are many variables to make a portable speaker sound different… How close buildings are, if it’s high pressure weather or low, rain or wind, your own ears (even if you have good clean ears, we all sometimes carry extra ear wax, that affects our sound), the landscape, what surface it’s testing on… And quite a few more that all affect the sound of the speaker.

Unless you adjust everytime, you have to accept slight variations everytime you use it.

Amazingly you are still missing the point. It does not apply the proper custom EQ setting unless I open the app, select another setting and then go back to custom. I am not changing my listening location. It is sitting on a table in front of me. The environment is the same. I am trying to report a bug. Apparently this is not the right place to do this.

As far as I know, Anker doesn’t run the oluv eq app.

So you’d need to report the bug to THAT app.

What is an Oluv EQ app?? I am running the Anker app…didn’t you see my screenshot? It is clearly the stock app. Why is everyone being so difficult?

I’m just going by this … Your latest statement before complaining we weren’t getting it.

Screenshot is if WAVE EQUALIZER

Okay, here we go.

You need to adjust your EQ settings for your own personal preference. Above that, you need to adjust them for each room you’re sitting in, and which song or song type you are listening to. So copying others isn’t all that useful.

@MacBlank that screenshot looks like it’s from the soundcore app…

Yes it is from the Soundcore app. Thank you. I have no idea what wave equalizer is.

Second, I am asking for help with a bug. I am not asking for workarounds. I do not need a lesson in acoustics. I do not need help adjusting my EQ preferences - I would normally be happy to debate that but it is completely irrelevant to my issue. If I am not mistaken Oluv identified some inconsistencies with the way the EQ applies. Oh I am running the latest firmware. I suspect this does need a firmware update to fix. EDIT: They may have just released a new firmware according to some YouTube comments. I will check next time I am able and report back.

I thought Anker might monitor these boards. If they do not I will contact them via their official support channels if I can find something suitable.

I deeply apologize, I thought you were the OP of this post. Sorry of the misunderstanding. Since I don’t own that speaker, I can’t help.

@ndalby and @Chiquinho might be able to help