Memorial Day Weekend in the US

Memorial Day is more than a 3-day weekend in the US. Many workers get Monday off as a way to honor our fallen troops.

But it’s also a time to party. What are your weekend plans?

Mine? Croquet and G&Ts on the lawn with friends tomorrow, and some fun on the nearby lakes Sunday. Gardening all weekend long. Staying close to home, and I"m looking forward to it.


In Bavaria (Germany :rofl:) its Pentecost this weekend (incl Monday)
We should enjoy these vacations wherever we are. :laughing:


It is close to my Father in Law’s birthday and my mother in law’s cousin’s birthday. They have a memorial day gathering for their birthday and a cook out out on the cousin’s farm where the cousin raises some cows.

So we basically have some fresh grass fed hamburgers as we celebrate Memorial day most likely.

Will also be fixing some homemade lids for my trash cans to keep the raccoons out of the garbage as giving my father a call over this weekend as he served in Vietnam


I’m taking all week off and will go to lake tahoe for some R&R
Last 6 months has been really grueling at my new work

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It’s a holiday weekend in many countries, including UK.

Some might say I’ve been on one holiday for a few years but I might begin working again soon.

Out and about walking and biking. UK is having an “Azores high” weeks of sunshine.


Funny : The Acores and their “highs”.
The best weather on these islands,
without too much rain is only in August and the beginning of September.
May be they “produce” the weather there for others! :smile:

Our school year finished up this past week, and we had one of our kids graduate High School. So this weekend we threw him and his friends a party with lots of delicious food made by my wife. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party if we didn’t have a giant rubber ducky in attendance and dressed for the occasion! We are so tired from getting everything done yesterday, that we are just hoping to rest and relax tomorrow. Maybe catch up on a few shows and movies!


Congratulations from München!

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Went out to Mammoth Cave National Park for the holiday. First time my whole family went camping (glamping) and hiking in the front country.


Seems you had a good time and we see you were well equipped.
" The tent is light weighted, but the rest seems pretty heavy"! :laughing:

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I see the ThinkPad - you were working?

Pity Anker stopped making the DC cables for laptops.

Bear canister?

double post!

Looks like one of mine LENOVOs
I use old ones (like me :laughing:) T420
LINUX mint, 8GB, SSD -> perfect, never better!

“beer canister” :rofl::rofl:

PS: This is not me, but could be! :laughing:

In Germany this Polka is known as " Rosamunde"

Water barrel, thankfully in this area of the country you don’t have to worry about bears getting into food. If I am in the backcountry I typically hang a bear bag to keep the other little critters out.

Thinkpad; unfortunately I was on call (I work in IT) so I had to have it available and check things on occasion.


It is a Lenovo Thinkpad P15, a massive laptop. This is one of the primary reasons I bought the powerhouse; I needed something that could supply enough power to the 160W adapter on the go.

For personal use I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T14, which is the successor to the T4*0 line. Really solid laptop.


Once when I was a contractor for a client I had my employer laptop and my customer laptop.

I did a P2V and virtualized the ThinkPad to fit in a VM on my Linux Chromebook and shrunk it all down. That and using a Google Voice number the customer never knew when I was traveling out of country :wink: :airplane:

On a different situation where certain websites only visible on site I left work laptop on ethernet at office, had a Linux service running on Windows which kept a persistent SSH outbound on 443 to a Linux server at home. Then I could do a client SSH connection forwarding the ports and this access the corporate network from my tablet from anywhere.

Non-geeks don’t understand but a geek can be anywhere.

Also can bypass firewall blacklists just add a SOCKS port to your SSH client.


Some can do, many cant.
Playing around with firewalls, sockets and ports a can do a lot of harm for those who don’t know how to handle.
(I know this. I made those errors long time ago! :rofl:)
But this way I learned about a lot.

LINUX is perfect to play around there.

Doesn’t do any harm as I know how to do it and I’m harmless.

Bad people aren’t so clever.

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Too modern for me.
I still use those old "Lenovos 420 " I was gifted when leaving the university years ago.
The were really happy to get rid of such an old jerk like me and so they gave me all the old equipment I was familiar with! :rofl:

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Ditto my 2014 Lenovo they let me keep it as the (irony) their security software upgrade meant I needed a newer more powerful laptop.

While I bit my tongue their security was easily bypassable (geek) I asked if I could keep old “useless” laptop and loaded Linux on it. Worked til last year when it finally died.