Mars II: Choose The Hue!

Big news for Anker and Nebula fans! We plan to release a new and improved Nebula Mars, Mars II. We’re outfitting it with Android 7.2 to make it faster and easier to use, as well as updating some of the features. We’re keeping the the one-of-a-kind, compact and portable design of the original Mars but are considering changing up the color scheme. Let us know which palette you like the best!

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Gold

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I’m a fan of the gray, and maybe my eyes are in worse shape than I thought, but the silver looks white to me.

I wish they could just update the current Mars Software

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Don’t know why but the gray just stand out for me…Black is normally my go to color for tech stuff but it gets dusty. The gold one actually look really nice too

I like the silver and gold, but the gray really pops with the gold

Do you plan to make it possible to upgrade the software of the original Mars ?

I voted Gray.And it looks like the most populate one. Black is the color i usually go to,but the grey one comes with black and silver finish which is outstanding for me .

Nebula Mars V2 Wish list:

First and foremost Google play app store
Octa-core chip
USB A port
Wifi 802.11ac
Bluetooth 5.0
Rust/black color scheme
Rechargeable remote or AAA battery instead of coin cell battery


Hi @Fabian_Mella, @Myjazz,

Thanks for your question!

I ask our technicians to confirm that we cannot upgrade the original Mars software, because Mars uses the Mstar hardware platform, the characteristics of this platform determine that Android software cannot be upgraded.:innocent:

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Not much of a fan of the gold or silver, still have to look at them with the lights on. The black would have been my choice but it would probably be hard to see at night so. The gray is just sleek.

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! definitely to gold! :grin: :grin: :grin:

I like all the colors but Black is my favorite but if a second color was offered Sliver would be nice as well.

Silver all the way

Love the black, the gray is a nice update too!

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While I like the grey, black was my choice as it goes with mostly anything :grin:

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They aren’t all the exact same picture. For example the silver and gray look the same only difference being the color obviously, but the gold and black both look different.

I voted for gray.

I voted and Id like a discount code, my friend saw my capsule and wants to buy one

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OK, I will sent code to your message box within 3 days :grin:

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