Make RoboVac More Fun and Win a eufy Smart Scale (US only)



Done :grin:


I have no idea what you mean :confused:


He means gross or net.

@Chiquinho they’re gross


Thanks, I’m sleepy still.


In UK wages/income is based on gross (pre-tax) amount.


Thanks Andrew.
So lets say the average income (gross = brutto :wink:) of an US family (parents and 2 kids is ca 30T USD per year)


Can’t wait to see the new features from a software level. Designated room cleaning would be awesome as well as scheduling which room to clean on any given day/time


Well that scalated quickly :joy:


I knew there was definitely some spell auto correct thing happening there… Always better to disable it :joy:


Haha, I see what you did there :rofl:


Lol I was making a pun :sob::joy:


Don’t worry dude. I caught it :joy:


I caught it to😂


Really nice. I was looking into the RoboVac for my next Anker purchase. Would like to see something really fun at the same time.


Filled out survey. I’d like a a virtual game where it turns my house into a giant pac-man map and I could watch a live status or replay of its progress as it cleans/plays


Survey completed. My response has been recorded. I need a RoboVac!!!


If you want to have fun with it, I would include an app with a blank screen that you can draw lines for the vac to follow.

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I still doubt it will reach 150 :frowning2:


There’s no timeframe so why stress it? Once it hits they will choose a winner