Make RoboVac More Fun and Win a eufy Smart Scale (US only)



Hi eufy fans,

All the hours we’ve spent improving suction power are starting to suck the life out of us and researching A.I navigation has us feeling like robots. So we thought, why not have some fun? We are looking to upgrade our RoboVac series to be a little more entertaining and interactive. We have a couple of concepts in mind and would love to get your thoughts on them!

By helping us out you will not only give our team a break from headaches, but you’ll get a chance to win a free eufy Smart Scale P1. We will announce the winner as soon as we receive 150 responses, so share the survey with your family and friends.

Take part in the survey here.

Good luck and thanks in advance!

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I like how the wages/household income starts at 40k. I would love to be halfway to this, let alone in this minimum.

The 2 of us, have less than £7k per year (and that’s rounding up, majorly) and allowing for a direct exchange rate, that’s $10k (USD).


I found a little issue while selecting the kind of vacuum machine I own since a have robovac and a regular vacuum machine.
Only one choice.


Yay, you’re finally listening!


Done! :ok_hand:


option 1 should be a check box not a radio!


Why only US again? Thanks for a nice event :grin:


Entered. Thanks, Anker!


Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to win that scale!


Yes, me too. May be they want us to use others.


Ditto, I have a cordless and corded vac that I use on a regular, but didn’t give me an option to check instead of having the radial button.


Done!! I own a roomba but would buy eufy if I had to purchase a new one.


Looks like Mapping feature and lights / whistles coming to RoboVac!

Just entered, would love to win the Smart Scale P1


But there are no mapping features yet :confused:.

@Shenoy Yeah, I think so. That’s the idea I got from the image in the survey…


Whow, playing “jingle bells” :joy:


There was a high level discussion on same on Nebula Soundbar post :smiley: :joy:


What a new RoboVac needs is a mapping function.
Customers want this.

Not such “new” weird type designations which had shown up the last time…:worried:


mapping function may be one of them,

plus, there may be other product options to keep pets accompanied / communicate with pets in some way

(there are some products already out there), may be a RoboVac +Eufy Cam integration :wink:


Never heard from such features.