Make RoboVac More Fun and Win a eufy Smart Scale (US only)



there are lot of them… recently saw one of these


But this “voyeurism” can be done with a camera as well.


survey done :slight_smile:


:joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
but these are just ideas… moving item keep the pets occupied and happy


I still have been unsuccessful with placing an animal on my RoboVac…Maybe one day.

My dogs have become immune to it though. They just lay there and let it bump into them until it turns around. hahaha.


May be! :grin:
I would suggest pets not to lock up in apartments and flats.


Good luck to US members entering :four_leaf_clover: …hopefully this will make it past the 150 responses this time :wink:


This time, there is no date deadline :grin: so… It will be till 150 response Whenever it happens… Hopefully we should have these completed soon


The product may already be discontinued!


You mean the Smart Scale P1 is discontinued?


Just completed the survey


Not at the moment, but it might be depending on when we get to 150 responses! :laughing:


Ha ha :joy::joy:… possible… glad they kept target at 150 and not higher


Hate that your excluding the lower class of income as many families make less than 40k a year. Between me and my wife I know where we stand but there are so many others who do not come close to touching that


These are best words… we need something of Wyze kind of price range from Anker …


It all has to do with their target market. Families making less than $40,000 a year obviously have major financial insecurity and can’t afford (or at least shouldn’t buy) luxury items like robotic vacuums… Just went through a personal finance class (graduation requirement). :wink: Still, I agree with you in that they should have included that option so they could at least disregard those responses afterwards if they wanted to. :confused:


On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to find the pun in this scentence?


10… No pun intended :grin:


Autocorrect doesn’t always use the correct word


Are these 40.000 USD brutto or netto incomes?