Level Up Party!



Congrats @TechMan

Rapid rise through the ranks, regardless of the “spam” jokes at the start no1 will doubt that you have been a very active member - and for that it’s well deserved :+1:t2:


I was trying to forget that :unamused:


Wow! So many people leveling up! Congrats to all!


Embrace it


you’re going to hit lv 9 soon :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


I would love to be more active in the forum but lately I have been super busy with life in general. Level 9 should come up soon… I hope! It just feels sooooo far away!


Don’t feel pressured to be super active. You are active enough, and we all appreciate that! Just let life do it’s thing, and hop on the community when you have time. You will find it much more enjoyable if you think of it more of a casual gathering, rather than a “get on every day to stay active” type of thing. :wink:


As history shows us… You don’t have to be “ACTIVE” to get ahead n win stuff.


Hmmm, think you gave me a great idea because I can’t win at the PowerDraw, so if i disappear for a couple of weeks and enter the PowerDraw, I just might win!


Lol that’s the spirit. If your strategy works, I just might do the same :joy::joy:


Congrats @TechMan you are setting high standards for us in terms of reaching levels


Nah hes just a slacker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: playing catch up


:rage:. If I used anker products earlier I would have been here earlier :joy:


I was late to the party too since I discovered them last year. Never too late I guess


We’re both late together lol.

What was your first anker product?


Good question, I think it was one of their cables but can’t remember which one exactly was. What was yours?


Soundcore flare. Now I have a bunch of there products lol.


Spammers gonna spam :laughing:

I was out all day doing stuff with the soundcore Icon. Review forthcoming. I can say that I wrecked my mountain bike on a downhill today :confused: Havent done that in a few years…

The soundcore Icon was strapped to my handlebars and was unfazed.


Yea I have some of their cables and chargers now :heart:


Stop rubbing it in :rage::joy: