Level Up Party!



@techman bringing the ruckus! Congrats!


It will be looking like a never ending race... long long way to go, 6K points is hard to get through, will take some time


congrats @TechMan


Yes it's a trudge, and I def felt it going from 10-11. Don't know why it felt harder than 9-10‽


Is it possible that they adjusted the point system during that time?


Nope 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


congrats to everyone who leveled up glad to see some regulars thrown in there


@TechMan you spam whore you....j/k
Gratz on the level up, and they thought I leveled fast before Craziness. You should do like I do and mark and tag each prior level up to track how long it takes


1- Jan 3rd— 1 day— 100
2- Jan3rd— 0 days— 150
3- Jan 6th— 3 days— 300
4- Jan 28th— 15 days— 700
5- Feb 5th— 8 days— 1,500
6- Feb 14th— 9 days— 2,500
7- Mar 1st— 15 days— 4,000
8- Mar 21st— 20 days— 6,000
9- May 21st— 61 days— 12,000

Here it is (sorta).

Left colum, level. Second to left, date I leveled up. Second to right, amount of days to level up (didn’t count the first one since I didn’t post til January 3rd). Right colum, amount of points required to level up.

@Tank I don’t feel like doing the math go figure out how long it takes me to get points or anything lol. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.


Guys dont take so much pain tracking levels... Just search for system messages for level changes and dates.. keep it simple :sunglasses:


Lol @Tank made me :neutral_face: :sweat:


Got to say, it's brilliant points scoring!! :ok_hand:


Gz mate, great achievment! And so many funny pics and gifs in this thread xD


Still can pass level 7, but I notice that I'm almost there on level 8, a few more weeks probably.



@TechMan congrats on leveling up man :thumbsup:


You will get there soon enough :clap:


Thanks Bro. I will be sharing some reviews soon. Hopefully that will help.


For sure, every bit counts :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Best of luck @tugar32 .. :thumbsup: