Level Up Party!



Rubbing what in?



Okay, that’s it. @gAnkster has angered me, and caused me to kindle my wrath against him.

For that reason, we have been forced to kick him from the community. Goodbye


No prob. I’ll go hang out on a mountain.

Or maybe at the brewery…



Wait a minute - I’m a higher level than you! You don’t have the authoritah!


I can do whatever I want. I’m the amazing TechMan! :joy:


Hope you didn’t drop the speaker in the beer.
When taking out after, it would play Bavarian Blasmusik.:joy:


I prefer more modern Bavarian :laughing:


Hold on, let me see… That’s right, sorry I was checking which TechMan was it. :joy: Yes you are the amazing techman, the other goes by unlimited techman. :joy:


I just made it to level 9 :sunglasses:


Congratulations @ikari04warrior for Lv9 :clap:


Congrats @ikari04warrior :clap:. I’m gonna have to do some serious farming to get ahead :joy:


I’m the one who’s gotta do the farming so I can stop being a few weeks behind you and @Shenoy


congrats @ikari04warrior :clap:


Thanks man :sunglasses::beers:


Congrats Bro, I just got to level 8 :alien:


Congratulations @tugar32 for reaching Lv8 :clap: :clap: :clap:


Nice man keep it up! Enjoy those powerbucks :clap:


congrats @tugar32


Congrats on hittin’ level 8 @tugar32 :clap: :clap:


Congrats to everyone who leveled up y’all are doing so great