Level Up Party!



thanks @Ice1


rhabks @Chiquinho


thanks @kumar.sachin


Congrats to all! I leave for a bit and bammm!


Thanks @Chiquinho @Hermes_Alvarez @Ice1 and @dicejedi


Congrats on leveling up guys!


thanks!!! Now to level 7 so I can get me a cool t-shirt


You deserve it @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy :grin:


Wow Congrats to everyone!!!


Thanks @ikari04warrior and @tugar32


Woooooot! While I was sleeping I leveled up!


The T-shirt is great. I just wore it a couple days ago and it’s a good quality shirt. Probably not as good as those Polo US once but it’s free :joy:


Nice! Congrats!!


Congrats @TechMan you seem to be flying through the levels :slight_smile:


I hope that’s a good thing :confused:


Congratulations @TechMan on Lv9 :thumbsup:


Congrats @TechMan u levelled up fasttt


Lol, it’s been 8-1/2 weeks :joy:


Now, you'll notice the difference.

All the points til now, is the same as the next level 6k points.


It took 6000pts to get to level 9, and it’s 6000 more to level 10. Than another 6000 to level 11, and so on until level 13