Left earbud faulty?

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I have just purchased a set of these they turned up yesterday and although I am pleased with the quality the left earbud does not work!
I have been reading this forum and I have followed what people have recommended regarding resetting and pairing again but to no avail.
The left earbud does not play music at all, it is fully charged because if you hold the left button in you hear the tone then you can hear what is around you, this is all it will do!
I purchased mine from eglobal as I live in Australia to say I am disappointed is an understatement what are my options please?
One design change I would like to recommend also is a better way to remove them from the case, this is difficult if you have big hands like me :smile:

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Hi @Jonl1,

Thank you for letting us know your concern! We are terribly sorry about the unique problems you’ve been experiencing with our products.

Our customer representative will contact you to solve the issue as soon as possible.

We’ll consider your advice and keep improving. Thanks.:innocent:

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Looks like you are in safe hands already :blush:

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It is not a unique problem, the same thing is happening with numerous zolo liberties and I already reached out to customer service and never recieved any help. So “safe hands” very doubtful. They are interested in money and nothing else. And I have read the other threads they all claim “the solution (unpairing, holding for five seconds wait for blinking red light…) worked perfectly after multiple attempts” now this statement is contradictory because if it worked perfectly it wouldn’t have taken multiple attempts. I have done the “solution” multiple times and will continue to work on them because unlike this company I don’t have the luxury of massive funds, mine are limited. Too limited to just get another pair from the store.

I read a bunch of solutions and could not get any of them to work so I just tried taking some things to try from here and there and I my made my own solution and this is what I got and it worked: Hope it works for someone else too.

°Start with both in case

°Take out the right headphone let it pair then unpair from Bluetooth put back in case

°With both in case take right one out hold button down until you see the red light let go then push and hold button until you see the pink light then let button go and put it back in the case

° Take out the left headphone hold button down until you see the red light then let go of button then push and hold button until you see the pink light let go of button and then put it back in the case

°Take both out of the case together open your bluetooth settings find name under bluetooth and re-pair then play music.

Welcome to our community and thanks your sharing !:smiley_cat: