Its coming.... the new wakey



Yes it would seem so.


Kinda wish Anker would focus beta testers on those that do the “we love testing” events. Winners there know many rules and abide by them for the most part. Randoms who never participate much are hard to guage how well they ll follow an NDA.


Just throwing it out there but I’d never neglect the NDA rules… just saying @AnkerTechnical :innocent:


That wouldn’t be fair to those that apply but don’t win, such as myself.

I apply for relevant “we love testing”, but not lucky often. To not chose someone who isnt ucky on there, would be wrong.


Can’t wait!!!


Yes, I was excited and failed to adhere to my commitment. It will not happen again, should I be fortunate enough to continue as a beta tester for your other awesome products.
Best Regards,


Im not saying that, active forum members who are at least filling these events out have already agreed to terms of a simpler contract. Agreeing to more complex ones like an NDA is the next step. Joining the forum and posting to 1 giveaway is hard to guage trust and reliability of members.


damn that sucks you should have been more careful but im sure the lesson has been learned


Mistakes happen but better be more careful next time :+1:


Thanks @Jinksed ! I think you’ll be okay. I would be super excited for this too. The Wakey is on the top of my priority list of purchases anyway. If there was a pre-order page I would have already made the purchase!


Have a look at this…

Having a nose on the Soundcore app, and what do I spy???:male_detective:

WAKEY is on the list of supported devices… It’s coming!


We’re so close :joy:


i do like the name of this alarm clock… lol


Great, let’s see how much longer until the release it :thumbsup:


So close yet so far :sob::sob:


I had read somewhere on Community… it was coming this June :wink:


And my birthday is in July … perfect timing. Coincidence… I think not.


Looks like you are in luck


huh not coming so soon


Within the next four weeks :grin:. I just remembers I need to send in my hours for May since it’s over now :confused: