Is this community dead and does Anker care?

We will never surrender!

Just because it stirred a memory :rofl:


Agreed I still plan on being here for a while I like catching up with people and talking about some the occasional anker product


Well you have still a section for each different brand here in the Anker forum. Where is the point to have this duplicated ?

There is not much need to discuss about the forum and its sections.

This place is a cemetery and we few left are the gardeners.



I think the plan was likely to decommission these sections during the 3rd, 4th or is it now 5th community relaunch….judging from the silence I’m not hopeful the relaunch will occur.


Was really sad because I feel like they just came back with so much hype only to crush my hopes
:joy: :cry::sob:

I’m still here! Not leaving unless they kick me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here!




Hey guys! We are still here and of course we care. We had just been too busy but no excuses, we admit we have to up our game in keeping the community informed and engaged. This is exactly what we will be working on in 2023. As you may be wondering where we’ve been, here’s a quick recap of our extremely busy 2022.[link to the new thread] We can’t wait for what’s to come in the new year, so make sure you all stay tuned to see what’s coming in 2023!


Great to see you there.
You are welcome! :rofl:

What about Powerdraw, the Powerpoints.
Tell us about we are curios!

It’s actually fun here :slight_smile: If we’re having a conversation here its already good!!:heart_eyes:

The most important thing is to stay optimistic:wink:

New member here! Looking forward to participating in the community, even if it is small.


You are welcome!
May be you could tell you a little bit more about you.
But this is not a “MUST”. :laughing:

I think your brand has grown exponentially since having your products inside Best Buy, Apple and Walmart to name a few. But with this growth, you’d have to thank the members here for consistently using and promoting your products.

In short, do not give up on us and go back to the trend in that past that got you here.

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  • Ingratitude is the world’s reward.:roll_eyes:
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