Introducing PowerIQ 3.0 | PowerPort+ Atom III

Yes, there are always reasons, but they don’t matter. Once something’s out, it’s out.

I’m sure they already do this. Most likely one of the following: just doing a poor job, not a big enough team, or bad management.

Hopefully you’ve found the forum to be a place where all the newer Anker products can be searched. Sure, it’s not ideal, but it’s here.


Lot of great points… Anyone going to the Anker Meetup - please bring up these points. Anker and all it’s sister company brand products are great!! They are just rocking, no doubt or second thoughts :+1::ok_hand:

When a brand starts a forum, they need to build a proper admin team (not forum members but actual Brand admins) and answer each and every query - I understand this is easier said than done… but Anker is now a more known brand than it was about 2-3 years ago, so they should invest in this to improve thier brand awareness and forum members questions as well as timely updates on new products , features, and …

Have seen lot of threads where questions are asked to @Ankerofficial or @AnkerTechnical with members getting no responses. This demotivates members and some refrain from asking these in future.

Hope this is heard.

Guys - this is my opinion, really request Anker team to answer this…

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They definitely do this. In fact I know they do. In the love video Q&A that they did, I saw the people. The problem is, they all have responsibilities outside what I mentioned. If they hired someone full time to manage only those areas, I think it would be much better.

Another problem is, there are multiple people as @AnkerOfficial. So if one of them doesn’t get on one day, they just assume someone else will. This is a bad way of looking at it, since sometimes @AnkerOfficial is not on all day.

Now for something random. How do you get that deviding line on your posts?

Please be careful not to blindly love everything from a brand just because you’ve had a good experience. Great companies can and do make mistakes/shortcomings sometimes, and it’s important to identify those.

Of all Anker products, Roav Bolt has had issues ( had to return it back to store)… But I cannot blame it because it’s iOS version is in Beta… So whatever experience I had, have been good so far.

Have all of the Brand’s products except for the Nebula,

The one in the middle :slight_smile:

Or Ctrl + Alt + R , at least under Chrome…

Why does it not support 5V 3A? Most phones that have their own quick charging standard like Huawei dont request higher voltages from PD, but still draw 5V3A from a PD compatible charger.

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I have a USB-C meter, when I plug the Powerport 5 PD or the 60W PD into my Huawei “fast charge” it shows 9V 2A, the same as the supplied charger.

My Pixel C, though, hates my PD ports it only likes non-PD 5V, if I connect to PD ports from my two Anker PD chargers, it is ignored.

So I think we’ll need PD and non-PD for a while.

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I know this has been discussed before…BUT, could you explain the difference… but keep it soo simple. lol

I understand pd as a sort of artificial turbo version of power, whereas non pd as naturally aspirated. … Is that close?

So most chargers are a fixed voltage, usually 5V and a maximum ampage, so say most Anker chargers output 5V 2.4A max. That means anything “dumb” which can read 5V will work.

“fast” chargers come with a risk, they “Sense” the device and if it passes then it is 9V, 12V, 20V, etc. PD has that negotion, so its possible to physically break a device theoretically as if a device looks like it can take 20V but only can take 5V.

What that means is PD charger may never actually work with some device, on the basis of playing safe, if you don’t know what is connected don’t send any energy out.

I suspect that is why Anker is making IQ3 and keeping IQ2, because the negotiation of PD within IQ3 may fail, but you could just send 5V and it would work.


100W output is a great number. I am glad that Anker finally did it. Good job

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I decided I’m not entering this. I don’t need it at all :man_shrugging:. After looking at the amazing page, the specs are far different then what I originally thought :joy:

This is the most interesting product which may be a step up for me in months. I have a diverse set of gadgets, 45W laptop and 18W tablet and this could be perfect for me.

I’m just skeptical to hand over money for it, so getting an eval would suit me. I have not subscribed to all testing offers as some have no interest. This one does. I own the 60W simple PD charger, it works in all my PD so something smarter than that could be become my fave. Pity its just 2 ports, a 3rd in it for low power like buds would be even better.

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I think you meant… “evil”… oh wait…

I don’t Have a laptop, or anything that can charge using PD (except maybe my iPhone XR?). So it’s not that much use to me :man_shrugging:

I am looking forward for this device, compact size and power wattage for my laptop and phone … If I don’t win it in the event, will anyway buy it over a deal.

If I get it I will test it on my 45W laptop, 18W Huawei tablet and 18W OnePlus. I’m not expecting the OnePlus will take more than 10W but fingers crossed it will work with the 45W laptop and 18W tablet. If it works I’d likely travel with this and a basic 12W dual charger.

In a month I’m doing a minimalist 3 day trip I’m on a mission to minimize gadget size+weight. I was thinking I’d use just my Huawei tablet as my sole device + Life buds.

Thanks for reminding, I just returned yesterday from my DC trip, took some casual photos of Anker products I carried for the trip, will include them… these are items hard to leave behind or travel without!

Thanks for your advice. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of anker. Anker has been developing rapidly and facing challenges every year. We have achieved many goals and we have overlooked some issues. We are working hard to do better.

You are right, we need more people to manage the community, but as a startup, Anker needs to measure the input and output of each employee, so it doesn’t expand the team at will. Only when the community grows bigger and bigger, the company have reason to provide more human support.

In fact, every anker employee, especially the customer service team, often works overtime to solve various problems for the customer, but there are too many questions to answer every day, thus affecting some efficiency.

As a community administrator, we not only have to face and solve various problems but also need to plan many campaigns, shipping prizes, rebuild the community features and develop community app, so the time is even tenser. Although we often work overtime, we also hope to answer as many questions as possible.

I am sorry to make you feel neglected, but we will try to squeeze out time and answer more questions. :heart:


Thanks for replying :grin:. It’s a step in the right direction!

I’ve been saying this for ages.

Well @TechMan at least @AnkerTechnical took notice of somebody, just annoyed they continue to blank any input from me! … And that’s not your fault Andrew.