Indoorcam 2k & Nest Home Max

Hi all,

I see there is a thread already for this issue but the camera was for the 2c where as mine is for the Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

Anyway same issue here, I can not see the camera at all, it shows on Google Home iOS no problem and I get I can’t stream so no issue

It shows as a device on the Nest

but when I click it I get this

followed by this

I have unlinked it a few times to no avail

I have no issues using this cam on HomeKit

If this is the same then feel free to merge topics.


Seems like they are working on a fix per their response. However I don’t see this being fixed any time soon

I was able to make mine work by creating a routine on Google assistant. Type the phrase you want to trigger the action and on the action box create “show (camera name) on (device name)”

I get the same result, I can only ever see it if I remove the cam from HomeKit which I do not want to do.

Seems like they just never work together.

Since yesterday, the problem of streaming video to google home max from the Anker Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt camera. I wanted to untie and re-link, but now Google account requires me to check the correctness of the security check code, although I enter everything correctly. I tried to register for another mail , Eufy issued a new security code and still failure. Google does not see the Eufy app. Will there be the same support and organization as wyze cameras? Correct please.

Thanks to the Eufy team! Now it works as before. Everything has been fixed. Thank you for the promptness and for the fact that you value your customers! In the future, I would like a continuous broadcast on googhom max how to do this and cameras from Wyze! Previously, they also had broadcasts from the beginning 5 minutes, then we did 10 minutes, and now the Wyze cameras are continuously streaming. This is progress! Thank you for trying for us. We appreciate it ツ

Glad it’s working :+1:

Just picked up this camera for a Google Nest/Assist set up and whilst the camera on its own is pretty decent, the integration with Google is simply non existent and I feel completely ripped off. Especially when it promotes Google Assistant integration.

My primary need is to be able to turn on and off my camera using google assist. The use-case being I don’t want to record/view whilst home and certainly not whilst guests are over. I would have thought this is one of the more basic functions. Ideally, I would have liked to set up a simple routine that shuts down my indoor cameras when I’m home.

I would have also like to view cam streams through the Google Home app (via phone) but alas, not even close.

I’m pretty devastated that in 2022 this still isn’t possible and I just backed another eufy cam product on Kickstarter (the doorbell/lock one) and completely regret my purchase and will try to get my money back. Suffice to say, I won’t be decking out the house with Eufy security cams as initially planned and will switch to nest cams for the peace of mind of knowing the eco system will simply work.

In terms of my issues - they’re echoing a lot of the above comments. If I ask google to turn my eufy camera on, it tells me it’s already on when it isn’t. If I ask to turn it off, it asks for a PIN and then tells me it can’t do that right now. I have installed and removed many times, via assistant and home separately.

I just opened my 2k pan and tilt and used it with googke nest hub no problem It was up and running in 15min and even turned it on and off by voice. I’ll list my steps
1 set the camera up on wifi according to Quick Start instructions
2 downloaded eufy security app to my phone
3 linked camera to the app was able to see it streaming and controlled it
4 linked eufy security app to Google Home app

google home app>settings icon. Scroll down to Services>works with google >choose eufy security follow prompts to link eufy account to google home

5 then say hey google stream living room ( I named the cam living room AND it’s in the Living Room in Goigke Home so I’m not sure if I’m asking to stream the cam or the room. ) it worked fine

We’re you asked for a PIN at any stage? My setup process mirrors yours albeit when linking to google I was promoted for a pin and when I ask to switch on/off google asks me for a PIN.

I can view the stream via nest hub max but cannot turn off/on. So the integration is set up.

Yes I was asked for a PIN when I linked the camera to the eufy security app. It was a pop up with a sketch of a robber cutting the cam cord and a blurb about using the PIN to prevent the assistant from turning off cloud backup or Wi-Fi??(can’t remember exactly)I’ve since tried to find that setting in the app but I can’t find it. You may have to call customer service

I can’t remember if the PIN setting is in Eufy app or Google Home app but I’m pretty sure it was in Eufy security app. Sorry it all happened so fast.