How to setup RTSP on eufyCam to stream video to your compatible NAS

@AnkerSupport @pino @Pilkie @hutthuttndabutt @Steve_Liu @Danysahne @wus @JGR @Flauschi @bachya1208 Right, I get it now! When you first add a camera to the Synology Surveillance Station it starts steaming in live view. While it is connected and streaming you can edit the Synology settings for recording, motion sensitivity and detection zones. After a short while the camera will disconnect. It then shows as ‘disconnected’ in the Synology Surveillance Station until it detects motion at which point it connects and records. So, it seems to be working. Now to play with Synology’s motion detection zone facility - can we have something similar in the eufy Security app please? I have now added both of my eufy cameras to my Synology Surveillance Station and they both seem work as I describe above.

It’s still very confusing as to how this works. I followed your instructions, but things aren’t still working properly: of my two cameras, I was able to access the RTSP stream for one of them in VLC for a few moments, but can’t now; the other one has never shown up.

Is this really live streaming, or is it merely streaming the last clip captured by the camera?

EDIT: okay – in addition to the instructions listed, turning off RTSP for each camera, then turning it back on, worked!

EDIT 2: It only worked for a bit. Now, when I try to access either stream, VLC shows nothing (can’t connect).

@bachya1208 It’s not 24/7 live view connection. That would drain the batteries. The cameras reconnect to the Surveillance Station and will record when it detects motion. It records its own clip rather than streaming the one from the HB. You can set the Synology’s own recording parameters, eg motion sensitivity, threshold, and detection zones - @AnkerSupport can we have motion detection zones like in Synology in the eufy app please?

We’ve got live view in the eufy app. Why do you need it in Synology or VLC?

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@bachya1208 It’s not 24/7 live view connection. That would drain the batteries. The cameras reconnect to the Surveillance Station and will record when it detects motion

That answers my earlier question: this isn’t true RTSP; it is merely a mechanism to save clips to a NAS.

We’ve got live view in the eufy app. Why do you need it in Synology or VLC?

There are many reasons – highest on my list would be integrating the streams into a home automation platform.

Was able to get RTSP working in VLC now, although it was hit and miss whether it would load - took a few attempts.

Looks nice though and seemed to continue the live playback even after I fully closed the iOS app so makes me wonder if it would go 24/7? Massive drain on the battery though, so would need to power it.

I am running Survelliance Station 6.1-2983 on my Synology DS409 running DSM4.2-3259.

When I select [User define] for the Brand, the type defaults to MJPEG.
I do not see option “Streaming - RTSP” as described in the eufyCam instructions.
What brand and type are the folks who got this to work on Synology using?

Also, what do you enter in the Path field?
The full rtsp://[IP address]/liven
Or just the /liven

I’m running the latest versions for Synology DS415Play, Surveillance Station, eufy firmware, tried every suggestion in this thread - live video, motion triggered, turning on/off - to no avail…

After 3 hours, I’m about done trying and hoping that eventually there will be a way to make it work…

Same problem, latest firmware, VLC on same network with Home - unable to get a live stream. Hope this gets some improvement soon.

As an aside, any experience with battery life from 24/7 recording? Guessing it’s around a month, maybe a couple of weeks?

Replying to earlier in the thread, please include the option to leave the camera streaming via RTSP 24/7 and let us manage the battery impact. Without any built in integration with Home Automation systems (SmartThings/etc) a full time feed is the only option. In addition, some of us already run NVR’s, and it would be nice to pull these cameras into those system.s

Send an email to We’ll be able to report the bugs and such from there!

From what I can see, it’s not a bug, it’s working as intended.

RTSP stream doesn’t start till motion is detected, stops immediately after the 20/60 second timer is up.

Needs to be changed to allow the stream to start upon an RTSP connection.

I was able to add my camera to HomeAssistant today, although it’s a little sketchy.

It sort of works, although I’m not sure of the impact on the battery. The stream is also not ideal. I think this is partly due to the RTSP support in HomeAssistant though.

Really all I want is for the camera to take a picture every 5 minutes or so, and update the preview in the app so I can see a ‘real time’ glance without actually having to load the camera (and if it’s in HomeAssistant then even better).

Some API / access to use the motion detection would be good, so we can integrate it with Hue bulbs etc.

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@AnkerSupport I’ve been playing with the new NAS set up procedure in the latest version of the iOS app (1.1.7_202) and camera and Homebase firmware (v1.8.0 and v1.0.7.9 respectively). I have set up both of my cameras to record to my Synology NAS Surveillance Station. It appears that the camera that is triggered first records to NAS fine, but the camera that triggered second doesn’t record to NAS at all. Is this a new bug?

Also, there’s a typo in the new app: ‘Micphone’ in Camera Settings.

Hi there,

i’ve just bought the Eufy security system complete with 2 cameras. Most of the set-up has been really easy and i’m quite impressed with how easy it is to get going.

However, I do have some questions about my set-up with my Synology NAS I wondered if someone from support could please answer.

  1. I have set this up using the instructions above as far as the RTSP is concerned, both cameras set up fine and seemed to work well. However, I did see that after a short time they are shown and disconnected and I get the errors on my Synology station. I guess this is due to the fact that the cameras have stopped recording and entered some kind of ‘motion detection’ stage. Once again I understand this as this would then save the battery life. But is there someway to stop all the errors showing up on the NAS?

  2. I noticed that when the cameras detect motion, there’s a short amount of time before they start to record. I don’t think this is possible, but is there a way to get this working faster, as I am missing that small amount of video which is important. My previous cameras were on all the time and I was able to set up a ‘pre-motion detection’ recording segment which would save 10 seconds of video before the motion detection. Obvious again with the fact that the cameras aren’t recording until the motion detection I don’t think this is possible?

3 When I done the walk motion detection tests, neither of my cameras ‘beeped’ as the instructions said, and one of my cameras showed the red light when it detected motion, and the other only showed a white flashing light? why was this?

  1. Do you have any information as to how long a 128Gb MicroSD card will record for? This is just incase I have to change my direction and not use my NAS due to the RTSP issues.

  2. If I carry on using my NAS as the storage side, where do I configure things like the motion detection, etc? Obviously the Surveillance System on the Nav has these options to configure cameras, and your cameras have it too. Which one would work and take ownership of the configuration settings?

thanks guys

In order to answer your questions in detail, I suggest you could send a email to, our customer support team will glad to help you.:innocent:

OK two things:

  1. RTSP with Synology Surveillance Station works well, although needs the ability to trigger upon RTSP connection from client.
  2. RTSP support is limited to 2 cameras maximum per basestation.

The second point is the most problematic - nowhere is there information on this until you go to add your third camera. I only found out when I tried, then got confirmation from Eufy Support.


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There are several people who owns more than 2 eufycams. Wonder what they need to do for storing all their videos from all cams.

ouch, just faced the same limitation. only 2 cameras :frowning: that’s no good

i will test with my NVR once i get my camera… thanks

Dear Sirs,

I have bought a couple of days ago the Eufy 2 Pack Camera set.
Is it possible to get the Eufy cameras properly supported by Synology other than the crappy and for nobody working RTSP mode please ?!?
I read about a lot of other users complaining and returning the cameras, since they are not working as advertised. I am considering returning the set as well, since it does not live up to the expectations (proper Synology NAS support).

Best Regards,


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I worked fine for me: