How to setup RTSP on eufyCam to stream video to your compatible NAS

Is there still the 2 camera limit on RSTP? I am looking to get a Eufycam system but that may be a show stopper

I use 3 2C cams with one homebase on Surveillance Station and it works without any problems.

I had a problems adding two eufy Indoor Cameras using RTSP to my Synology NAS.

No matter what I tried it wouldn’t connect.
But I was still able to connect to the cameras RTSP-stream using VLC player - so I knew the cameras were working with RTSP.

I eventually figured out that it had to do with my NAS - after rebooting it (not just the surveillance station package) I could add the cameras with no problems at all.

Just wanted to let you know if anyone experienced the same issue as I did :slight_smile:

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I bought the Eufycam 2C 3-camera kit. I got the RTSP working with Synology much like the instructions say. The camera had to be triggered and it passed the test. Live view will not work as the camera disconnects soon after. It does wake up and record when there is motion. But, the play back freezes after a few seconds. The recording on the Eufycam itself is fine. But, synology playback freezes. Synology support says that the bitrate drops a lot during the stream and that’s why it freezes. I also tried to get a livestream on VLC and record on VLC. VLC records but skips a lot. When I play, it moves for 2 seconds and then while the video timeline moves on the bottom, the timestamp doesn’t change. Then suddenly, it starts moving and I would’ve lost 15 seconds of recording. Overall, the RTSP to Synology is useless.

It was a 30sec job to set up RTSP for Eufy 2K indoor cam on my QNAP… however, there is no sound in the recorded video. Is that correct?

@AnkerSupport is there any reason why we can’t get continuous streaming on the Eufy Cam Pro 2 as long as it’s plugged into power 24/7? Other camera offerings out there allow for this. It’s frustrating that our streams stop because of this. Any chance this is coming?

I am able to stream with the Eufy Indoor Cams with an occasional interruption of the stream from time to time.

I just finished setting up a new NAS and the 2 c kit as well. I am having the same issues with the RTSP feature. SO disappointing… Not sure if you noticed too, but the recording is limited to 1080p only because of the RTSP option being selected. Therefore, the cameras don’t even use their full potential of 2k. If I can’t find a solution I may need to return these as they’re useless.

That’s disappointing. Is there really no way to get 2K Eufy recordings onto the Synology Surveillance station?

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport
I managed to add my EufyCam 2 pro to Surveillance Station, but the stored clips are very short (2-4 seconds) whereas the clips I can see via EufyApp have full length of 20 seconds.
How can be achieved that exactly the same clips a stored in the NAS?


The issue here is probably that the camera/homebase has to establish an RSTP connection after the camera’s detection is triggered. As you can imagine it takes time for the protocol to negotiate a connect from your camera setup to the NAS. This is the missing time.

If you want to test this theory fire up a stopwatch app on your smartphone. Hit start when you walk into the field of view of the camera and hold it up so the elapsed time will be clearly visible. Then compare the video clips from the Eufy app with those on your NAS. The time at the start of your clip on the NAS will show how much time as lost.

Neither my video doorbell dual nor my floodlight camera (2K wired) have a setting to enable RTSP. Are these devises not capable?

I am using Qnap TS-212 Surveillance Station App but I don’t see a compatible Eufy camera on the list. Can you please point me to the right direction please.

I don’t use Surveillance station app anymore, but like many NVR app, just choose generic RTSP model, and use the URL shown in the Eufy App after you enable RTSP.

I am using vlc player but file is not open crash every time.

Alight Motion.

Thank you very much and I got it going.