How to be a spammer (joke)


Seeing as we have a professional spammer coming here every weekday…

They don’t spam at weekends so it is clearly their actual paid job. So there must be money in it, so I’m sharing how to be the best spammer possible.

Be bad at English

This seems to be the best qualification. Ensure you get all of these wrong.

  • Punctuation.
  • Grammar.
  • Spelling.

Example of a professional spammer:
Hii , thankyou for the information. it was just what I was looking for. thanks agian.

See how the best spammers do everything wrong.

Hide bad English by copy/paste

If your English is truly awful, then avoid having to type it by copying someone else’s. Seek another post and copy lines from it. The bad spammer copies whole posts, the professionals just copy parts of line, so the grammar and punctuation is still off.

Banal out of context comments

Seeing as your English is awful, you don’t really know what you are saying, so reply with gibberish replies which are not relevant to the thread.

Reply to old threads

Find a days old to year old thread, and reply so it looks very odd.

Edit your post a day later

Try to hide your banal gibberish out of context comments and then a day later edit the post to insert the link.

Create a ridiculous username

Seems to be a first name last name and a number pattern, very easy to spot.

Don’t read anything, don’t lurk

When you post, ensure you not read more than a few posts, as you’re not actually interested in Anker, not here to learn or to help, you’re just here to create a post you’ll then later edit with a link to spam.

You can see the account created by spammer immediately here

You can play “spot the spammer!”, look there’s another!

Anyone else spot the best spammer’s methods?

When the spammer comes back here tomorrow, I’ll reply with link to this to help them get better. :slight_smile:

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Me gift you many thamks proffesor


Thanks for the informaton, reallly useful . thanks



That’s me! :rofl::rofl:

I be no gut on Englisch.


And we have had quite enough of your German beer ads.

Tormenting us with things we can’t have.


Please no, not my intention…
I can show some mineral waters as well. :rofl:


That’s fine and all, but have I told you about the extended warranty for your car???


I’m driving a 25 year old car - that would have to be one crazy warranty.

But yes, I get calls from the service department on a regular basis…


The links they insert here are very boring. I took screenshot before they are nuked, I’ll not refer to them here but it is utter drivel, I don’t know why they are bothering. They go away then come back.

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Right? I have a 2007, and still get those stupid calls.


Our Volkswagen is > 20 years.
No calls.
(Hidden in the garage, so nobody knows the existence! :rofl:)


I’m late to the party here :man_facepalming:t2:
I can see all the jokes I would have posted about smelling pistakes have already been said :man_shrugging:t2:

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The spammer seems to be a few hours east of us so check this first thing for banal posts from new members, it’s obvious. Speed flagging!

They did 3 today.


Suspended until 3021, appeals to my sense of humour @professor

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Four so far, last from Moldova….now archived until the 1k suspension…


Lol I wonder if Anker will still be around by then lol


Yes I saw their account creation, wondered if innocent genuine.

Benefit of doubt meets hard spam.

Tomorrow I point them to Aukey?

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Only 2 today

Truly amazingly bad copy paste.

There’s another 2 dodgy looking accounts created after these, so the spammer is at work now, I’d expect 2 more awful posts before they done their honest day’s work

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But all the produced items are smaller, so they will fit perfectly for the rats,
having survived.
Human beings are only bad history then.

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Yes there’s different levels of suspension, I’ve seen months to much longer.

Today’s scalps


The odd thing to me is the motives of the awful English individual. All their posts are deleted within hours and account suspended. You can see them create two new accounts today to spam tomorrow. So it is literally a waste of their time. That makes me think there is an office (the timezone of their posts implies India) where a boss is over their shoulder watching them make spam for money.

If we manage to not spot them in time they do insert links and the links are mostly creaming off Amazon affiliate links income and trying to steal data to be sold on, so enough of these links must be getting through to make it profitable.

The bad English person is a slow worker their 2nd spam today took them 20 minutes, they tend to do 2 to 4 a day so implies around an hour spent wasted here. Assuming a paid job 40 hours implies they are spamming around 5-15 other sites a day.

Judging by their bad English they probably can’t even read this.

Why India - it’s one of the lowest cost of living where English is a major language.