How to be a spammer (joke)

Lol maybe for roaches

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2 spams today


Sorry for the long I hate spammers…

Operating and adminning websites and forums for over 10 years I’ve seen some bad ones and a few that were rather sneaky sneaky ones.

Early on it was black SEO firms hired by companies to build traffic back to their via blog and forum comment link building. They would and still do build bots that find targeted websites and comments on those sites. Mostly poorly worded comments about their client with links back to their sites. These kind of activites were one of the reasons why Capta was created.

To get around these issues slightly more legitimate overseas companies hire people with poor english writing skills, pay them poorly and have then spend hours spam commenting for the firms link building program. They way they can get around capta systems

Today, blog and message commenting isnt as important for Search Engine Result Positioning because Google lowered the value to comment based links.

So when a true SEO a firm does a link building campaign they generally do a mixture of organic linki building, guest writing on different sites and few other things


I’m curious as to their motives. They just did it again a few minutes ago, their English is so awful they find another post, copy/paste it and then later edit to insert a link.

They all get deleted, so it is pointless. Motives for time wasting is…?

Look at this awful example of the shoddiest worst work at being a spammer.

They copied the text from here.

And earlier, the same method, they find some text, paste here, insert link. They got the brand wrong too.

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They do it because they hope that once a comment is approved that the system and admins that monitor the site will miss these spammy comments.

They are trying to be sneaky because they know many sites approve and forget about it. I

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“They” - that’s the mystery. If it’s an individual’s goals then the fact we nuke them should deter them and they go elsewhere to places with less good admins.

So it dawned on me over a year ago what was happening. Working with admins we shrunk the time to edit so a reasonable person who’s realised their typo can correct. So now this link shows all the last few hours of edits, so a quick scroll shows all of their efforts so none can get through.

Today’s effort

It is our same friend, typos and not related to thread. It was nuked in 26 minutes, before it could float down and be edited later.

Yesterday they used the wrong brand name, I checked that other brand’s community and it wasn’t posted there, so it’s a deliberate effort of time just to here, with no benefits. Why.

Anyway can’t chat, I have to go and buy a visa card to pay the IRS to avoid a big fine. It’s easy to find the money as a Namibian Prince is sending a lot of money soon. :crazy_face:


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Unusual change of the pattern, they usually only post weekdays.

Two again though, copy paste again.


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So they seem to be trying to avoid bad grammar by copying whole paragraphs.

Doesn’t work as they are pasting gibberish out of context replies, so they still can’t read English and so not understand the products or the problem

The puzzle is they took a perfect punctuation sentence and worsened it so they seem to be copying parts at a time, chances are it’s a set of texts they paste in all websites, one of which introduced the error.

A real user never looks like this

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I’ve always strived to be a spammer…but I guess my roots will not allow for that. Thanks for the tips regardless. :+1:

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You’re not fooling anyone with all that reading time.

Interestingly, their English degrades each time.

Here’s the original English they copied

This is their original paste, 2 days ago, their post deleted.

Then 2 days later

Observe the punctuation in the first two sentences changed, for the worse.

Whoever is teaching these spammers their English should consider alternative employment?

Spotted 3 spams today. Two Copy paste whole section, then edit inserted html of link, one a new post with link within

As the link is hidden, the goal must not be to get people to click on the link but make it then searched by search engines. Google had already crawled and found the post.

Copy paste of someone else’s post. Cheeky.

Being new…I personally read everything I see of interest ( new or old) and liked, plus commented on things of interest. Am I a spammer? Ugh…



You’re a real person, you post on topics you find interesting.

The spammers don’t, they copy other posts and banal comments, then edit to insert links. The goal is to get their sites noticed and indexed by the search engines, and to get people to go to these sites. At the sites they make money from Amazon affiliate codes and they ask questions to ultimately steal your identity/money.

Over at other Anker brands they do different ways to steal, e.g. the competitions with Facebook subscribe, one spammer subscribes, sees who also has, then pretends to be Anker brand and sends a link to collect your prize, they then ask questions to steal your identity.

So those of us on the good side, fight the evil spammers. Right?

Simply posting isn’t spam, it’s posting to harm people, is spam.


Tanks god, wiping sweat from brow. Me and Effie really wanted 2 fit in here, lol.


Its a question of definition.
But I am sure you are definitely not.:rofl:

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We had 4 today, one outright advertising, one irrelevant, and two copy paste.

These guys in India sure are determined to waste their time. I think their intention is to sneak in links to make Google find their funding source sites more often. Odd they don’t go to the Soundcore one.


Copy paste

Right again, Franz… here 2 stay!

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The moderators here are very… Errm… Moderate with a gentle approach, so spam is only explicit malicious intended.

There are posts with links to related material, blogs etc which never get flagged as it’s well intentioned. But some sites have links to sellers who are not approved and if left alone could cause a bad user experience.

The spectrum of sophistication is wide, I won’t post one method they used but it was very clever, they didn’t return, so we seem to getting just the 2nd rate and 3rd rate spammers now.

The most sophisticated attack is at Soundcore site, I’ve told them many times but what do I know…