Hilarious Photoshop job on Amazon - Submit your favorites

So this isn’t for an Anker product (but maybe Anker should make a digital antenna, since I use one :wink:) but I was cruisin Amazon deals and found these photos of a digital antenna:

WOW! That thing is like, the size of your living room!

Also, they went so far as to put in a shadow of the product in this one:

At that scale, it would be bigger than a pickup truck!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that for under $30 the item is not actually that big - especially with free shipping, that would take a truck to haul in. This is probably better scale:

Anker always has good photos on their listings, not totally amateur like this one. Also, the reviews we make do a good job of putting things in context of how big they are.

Has anyone else found a ridiculous photo for a product on Amazon? Snap a screenshot and share below if you have.


I’ve seen these pictures before. See these pictures makes me question the quality of the product.


It’s the extremely comical descriptions that make me laugh on some products.

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It looks like it could fire lasers.


Looks like you could shoot down a plane with that thing


The whole advertising is built of faked photos and false information.
Some are funny, like this ones.

We should start finding and showing those.!

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I have no clue

I have seen lot of companies do these ugly photoshop jobs to show their products. Instead they can do giveaways like Anker and ask customer to provide reviews in return, which may be a good deal for both.:grin:

At least there is a shadow on the one roof and not the other.

Give a little credit :joy_cat:

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My most recent favorite has to be from the 2016-2019 Cast and Crew shot for Infinity War and Endgame. There are so many people in the shot, but I was immediately drawn to the lower right corner…

It is definitely a good attempt, but now I can’t unsee them.


Just woke up, and it took me a while, but I see they’ve places themselves in the pic, and not that well. lol

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This one is awesome haha

I like that this guy has the action cam mounted on…his left handlebar?


Yeah, it’s clearly on his left handlebar… on his other bicycle :joy:

And is that Ross from “Friends”?


Not in that cheap jacket! lol

Hate to ask but up with the people in the lower right corner?

Don’t they seem to be… levitating?

Yea I guess you can say that, thought it was something else lol

Maybe there’s something else that I’m missing, but they’re clearly photoshopped in :man_shrugging:.

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