Hilarious Photoshop job on Amazon - Submit your favorites

That’s about it lol. If you look at the original image, it is a lot more distinct than mine as I couldn’t post a super high quality one. I spent about 20 minutes zoomed in on people and just scanning back and forth and it is beyond fascinating.

I thought the same thing! hahahaha! That was just a lazy photoshop job.

There are more that have been digitally added too, such as Star Lord, Drax, and a couple other guys. Maybe not Star Lord, but Drax and the other two dudes totally look Photoshopped in there.

I was just about to ask that!! :laughing:

I got another version from that honest photo.
Now I know where my sly brother was, who should have done some mammoth hunting. :grin:


Hahahahaha! How did he get in there?! :wink:

Omg these photoshops are so funny

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That’s a secret, which will not be answered, even by “popposchop” :joy:

Hahahaha! That’s awesome!

Next installment of ridiculous photoshop on Amazon:

The Floating Spork!

Not only is this spork suitable for fancy dining, it’s also weightless!

The amazing antigravity foldable spork. Only available on amazon :smile:

To be fair, I did order 4 of these for the family while camping this summer :sunglasses:

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I couldn’t resist adding the red caption to this one:

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Think such one is more useful. :joy:

Bugger me Franz, I remember them from when I went camping as a kid… I thought it was the dogs bollox! lol

Not a photoshop job, but I did like this answer I saw recently:

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The antenna is awesome. Much to my surprise, when I bought and moved into my current home, there is a HUGE old antenna up in my roof. It has to be ~8-10 feet wide and it’s got a draw string to adjust where its aimed. Crazy stuff :smiley:

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Uh. Something seems odd about that phone holder… :laughing:

Looking for mosquito protection for a tropical trip Im considering (would like to avoid Dengue and Zika…)

First of all, what is wrong with this kid!!! He looks like a manic. Also, it looks like his face is somehow outside of the net when the rest of his head is…inside of it? Also, Why does this kid get mosquito netting and his sister (or whoever) in the background is completely unprotected?!


Ha ha ha! That is a creepy product picture!

Better use such one. :rofl:

His sister is immune!

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Too much candy :laughing:

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Reviving this old thread because of this listing I saw today on Amazon. I just love how this guy is sprinting on this super lightweight treadmill! Somehow I don’t think he would stay on the belt with this aggressive posture :laughing: