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I really like model A because it distinguishes from all other generic projectors on the market


Any design that improves upon the output lumens will be great.


Lol. Think it’s just the exterior design that voting on :joy:


Do you know the interiors? If so let us know!

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I think design B is more practical but design A gives it the wow and cool factor. Therefore I voted for A :thumbsup:


I really enjoy the pack-ability of square objects rather than flat round objects. The position of the lens output on model B is much more efficient as well. Think about having to use one less object to change the height, or possibly no height boosters at all.


I know that some are saying that design A looks more modern and fresh. I think it looks more retro but fresh. It remind me of those picture negatives projectors that my dad had.

I see the lens and I am assuming that for the round one that in order to hide the lens that you would twist the cover to hide it and lock it. Just a thought.


I would assume the lens cover would be like what they currently use on the Nebula Mars in that it’s just a slide shutter. If you look at the picture only the oval part where the lens is slides…slide to the right and it would turn on, slide it to the left and it turns the unit off covering the lens


Wow, option A looks way more cool than the B! Just my thought. :globe_with_meridians:


@life_is_42 I have the same feeling!!!:relaxed:


62% of us do lol