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Model A has that refined look many techies nowadays seem to gravitate towards.


Definitely drawn to option A, looks sleek :heart_eyes:


Agree. A is the future, B is the trend


Meanwhile a good design is as important as the technical facts of an item.
For example the FLARE or the ZERO are not only fantastic speakers by their “ingredients”
their outfit is really great.


I’m surprised there are so many votes for A. Granted, I think it looks really cool, I just think B is a way more practical design.


You said: B!

Survey said: A!


Hahahaha! :rofl:


“A” is Sexy :heart_eyes:


i think a is best home theaters i would buy a any day b is more well i dont know lol


Design A would definitely be best for home. Not too big and visually pleasing.


I like how small A looks but I feel like sound would probably be better from b so if A had a way to have 360 sound incorporated that would be great


Option c, I don’t really like either.:spy:

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So you should design your own and publish.


I prefer model B, I love small projector !!!


I really like Model A. It has an entirely modern and “different” look for a projector. While I’m sure Model B would probably be a fine product as well, it just isn’t as aesthetically pleasing and looks more like a commercial unit (something that I’m not sure a lot of regular consumers would like). Neverthess, I’d be happy to do beta testing for ether one, @AnkerOfficial! :smile:


A looks amazing. It serves as futuristic decor.


I like the model B better haha.


I’ve voted A, it looks fresh and modern - a lot more eye catching than B!