⚡️Find the Anker Train and Win!

fruit of patience :slight_smile:


Congrats @Dez_S :ok_hand:

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Yes :sweat_smile:

Thank you :zap:

Well deserved, congratulations @Dez_S

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Congrats @Dez_S awesome pics as always

Thank you sirs :blush:

I wonder who else from the Community won?

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When did they say that? I was told that winners would be contacted via social media DM and to be patient. They were checking Instagram and Twitter posts at the same time.

on twitter, ankerOfficial responded to a user stating that all winners have been contacted already

I just read that reply. Perhaps DM them a link of your post with the date intact. And look over your post to make sure you did exactly what they asked for.

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Fantastic win @Dez_S ! So you must be anxious to get your hands on your new PowerCore Speed and PowerPort Mini! Awesome prizes!

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Congratulations on winning

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:zap:Calling all winners :zap:

You may have noticed we have changed one of the prizes to our brand new PowerCore Slim 10000 PD, rest assured this is not a mistake.

From the beginning of this campaign, we have aimed to get the winners our very latest and best in charging technology, so now you can do just that with PowerCore Slim 10000 PD.

Not to mention dbrand now makes skins for this model specifically, so you should go check out how you can take your customization one step further.

We are running a bit low on stock of these battery banks, so shipping might be slightly delayed, but we’re working on getting them out to you ASAP.

And again, congrats!


@AnkerOfficial Do you really expect people to be enthusiastic about getting a battery with half the capacity then having to wait longer to receive said battery?

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you pull this switch aroo, I myself have been a victim of this tactic and was not very pleased at all.

Still waiting on my 20K powercore Nintendo switch edition not this 13400 version that showed up on my door step.

Sincerely, Disappointed.

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I agree. Two major downsides, and anker thinks people will be happy.

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This is what we had planned from the very beginning. The CEF kit was slated to be worth $79.98 (shown via our social media accounts) but, unfortunately, the wrong product was listed here. Again, we apologize for the confusion on our end and we can’t wait for you to get your products! :zap:

We totally understand that this isn’t the greatest news for some, but we want to provide our latest in charging technology to our customers - the Speed 20000 PD has been in our repitoire for quite a while now.

Then you should give a choice of the two…

Or to make up for the issue you could include a dbrand skin of the winners choice…

I noticed that you conveniently did not address the fact that this has happened before.

Doesn’t matter what the plan was in the beginning this topic has been up for weeks and you had plenty of time to address the issue if there was one… How does one confuse a 10,000 mah battery with a 20,000 mah battery?

I relent as I seem to be one of two people around here with the balls to say anything.

I personally did not participate in this competition but know of a few hear on the forum that went out of their way to. I can imagine they will not be too thrilled.

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This is understandable-ish since it’s really just one digit difference. There is however the fact that this powerbank is slim…

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With all due respect, to everyone impacted, these things should not happen mid-way or after the contest has ended. Participants take their precious time and go out for these events, I too was around when this event took place, however due to the reason not being a NY resident requirement - skipped it.

Other side of the discussion, I believe (this is my belief and not a fact or I know nothing and speculating), there may be something beyond discussion on this forum due to which Anker may have changed the Prize. Anker team here is being polite and trying to explain what may have happened, I think it may be an innocent mistake. Also, note that rule 11 explicitly mentions - Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

As a brand contest, these things should be planned pretty well, and if there are any mistakes, those prizes still need to be honored.

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