⚡️Find the Anker Train and Win!



I got a notification that I was one of the winners. Thanks @AnkerOfficial

This was a nice :camera_flash: assignment / scavenger hunt :grin:


fruit of patience :slight_smile:


Congrats @Dez_S :ok_hand:


Yes :sweat_smile:

Thank you :zap:


Well deserved, congratulations @Dez_S


Congrats @Dez_S awesome pics as always


Thank you sirs :blush:

I wonder who else from the Community won?


I posted on Twitter the same day you did, no email, but they did say that everyone that won has been contacted already… something is off because I counted both time stamps between twitter and Instagram and in July 3rd, it was no where near 100 :pleading_face: @AnkerOfficial


When did they say that? I was told that winners would be contacted via social media DM and to be patient. They were checking Instagram and Twitter posts at the same time.


on twitter, ankerOfficial responded to a user stating that all winners have been contacted already


I just read that reply. Perhaps DM them a link of your post with the date intact. And look over your post to make sure you did exactly what they asked for.


Fantastic win @Dez_S ! So you must be anxious to get your hands on your new PowerCore Speed and PowerPort Mini! Awesome prizes!


Thanks Dez, they asked for picture of the train on twitter. I took 2 pictures of the train. Welp :thinking: can’t seem to find what I did wrong, just going to assume I was missed as the total count between twitter and Instagram was no where near 35 on july 3rd @AnkerOfficial

The total count on the last post in July 3rd was only 23~, and not much activity happened on twitter. Less than 5


Congratulations on winning