⚡️Find the Anker Train and Win!

If I were closer to New York I would try to find it, but I live to far away.:cry:

I think we all feel that way :joy:

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I would just like to see it, I’m not even intrested in prizes.

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Nice pics Dez… I also hope that you are one of the first 100 as well. :slight_smile:

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It sure was :smiley:

Thank you


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The train looks neat !
Well done @AnkerOfficial

Oh my god! That thing is sweet!

Who won @AnkerOfficial ?

I know I was one of the 1st ten NY residents to post on Instagram :sweat_smile:


@AnkerOfficial winners not announced yet?

Per contest rules, winners would be contacted by July 10th, so most probably they have already been contacted via DM on social media.


Just wondering if you were one of the lucky winners

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Oh man, it’s to bad that I don’t live closer to the city. I would definitely go on a train hunt!

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Really hope you won best of luck

Have you been contacted yet? I was well within the first 100 people to snap a pic and post it. But haven’t been contacted yet.

Be patient, check your messages on social media, they may contact sooN

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We will contact winners one by one through social media, so please wait patiently. :smile:


Winners are being contacted over DM… please see below :point_down:


I got a notification that I was one of the winners. Thanks @AnkerOfficial

This was a nice :camera_flash: assignment / scavenger hunt :grin: