FCC - Powerconf S500


I expect @Shenoy knows all about this…

There’s not a whole of information there, so it’s only a “coming soon” headsup to give pause to anyone thinking of about to buy a non-discounted S3. The S3 has a number of criticisms, some of which addressed with the bundled bluetooth dongle


Unfortunately I don’t have much information about the PowerConf S500… Hope a huge upgrade!!

This is on sale now, I have a $30 off code USA only if anyone I recognise wants it PM me.

The UK is doing £30 early bird

Bump. About now should be showing on Amazon… although @Insider said 2nd half of year.

There is one other major product supposed to launch on PowerConf series… not sure if this is being discussed on Reddit… or may be I am the only one knowing about it :thinking:

Does Powerconf fall under Soundcore?

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PowerConf comes strictly under Anker portfolio, part of AnkerWork (at least that is what we have been hearing from Loz and SoundcoreAdam) … though it shows up under the Soundcore App on Apple Appstore / Google playstore

It doesn’t seem to fit in the Soundcore brand which is seeking to be music focused, this is a voice focused product. The app location is therefore just for convenience, I’d expect app support to drift to Ankerwork.