FCC A3930 new bluetooth wireless buds

Wow that’s weird. I know for Apple, 2.6.5 and 2.6.6 are essentially the same. Life Q35 were added in 2.6.5 but the new update didn’t do anything other than move the Select Pro to Motion folder

On my iPad I updated to 2.65 two days ago I think it was and had noticed a new Liberty headphone added to the line up so the Liberty page showed five products one being an upgrade on a current one. Jus throw I updated again and the only change was that that product was removed from the list everything else was in the same place. Wonder if they are trying to stop themselves for leaking

Ok if the L2P successor is any day soon then I infer it’s ambient mode added.

ANC is too big a thing for a quiet release so near Q35.

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I really don’t think the successor will be launched ~soon~. Life Q35 was a quite launch and it doesn’t sound like Soundcore to launch 2 products so close to each other.

Also @ktkundy I should’ve said I’m on iPhone just in case there’s some difference between iPad and iPhone App stores

All good I think it’s the same app cause they don’t have an actual iPad dedicated app so it looks horrible and doesn’t fill the whole screen.

Do we think if I post a pic of the new product that was listed in the app it would be a breach of the ToS?

The Q35 and A3930 hit FCC same time so crudely they hit the the market within a week or so of each other.

When the Q35 turned from (what it should have been) a quiet release for minor update into a hinted hyped launch event, that then immediately told me the A3930 has to be then the quiet release product.

So for quiet, I think Ambient mode, as it was promised on L2P and not delivered, so if you added Ambient you’d do it very quietly so the L2P owners dont then ask for free / discounts.

For those who didn’t get into L2P launch it was promised to add Ambient mode. That died and threads of complaints eventually died away as those who remember it begin forgetting. To then add Ambient thus for some will become a reminder they are “owed” it (as send them for free or deeply discounted). So to not remind anyone just begin selling and not say anything and wait for it to get noticed.

I’m thinking partly manufacturing, politics, sales, customers.

Adding ambient mode is engineering far easier as you rely on the tight seal to stop feedback. You have to add HearID also to nuke any feedback.


It might be tbh. At least on Soundcore community they might take it down and warn you. Not too sure about here because I see Anker account isn’t too active since I went on a break

How can speculation be anything but healthy interest?

If they kill speculation, then why not kill wishlist, or suggestions, keep going…

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Yea but they did say that talking about or mentioning products not on their website is again the ToS. Soundcore App is their application but not their website which they specifically mentioned.

I see your point and do agree to it 100% but I just don’t want anyone to get in trouble because of a stupid technicality

App support appear for Android

No sign of for sale in Japan or South Korea, nor USA, EU, UK.

FYI photos

Product called “Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version”


image image image image

image image image

I’m concerned the antenna is not so brilliant and so will be at some theoretical risk it can’t hold a decent LDAC 990 signal much distance. We’ll see when reviews are in.


The battery is 0.24Wh which is identical to the predecessor. so also concerned battery for higher codec.


The predecessor battery is same image

Note the only 2 wires going towards the direction of the inside facing part, so consistent with no inner microphone, so no ANC.

Now the Life P3 is launched, give it’s marketing moments to pass then the most likely next event is the Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded version.





Compare with the original Liberty 2 Pro




So it is significantly different chipset.

The original has


Which matches


So I’m predicting the upgraded version loses AptX as it is no longer on Qualcomm (owns AptX)

Not so sure everyone will see losing AptX as an upgrade.


It looks like the upgraded Liberty 2 pro are on Amazon de so I would guess launch in other places is soon

Agreed, it’s got the gold colour and is A3930. Looks legit.

The next step of Soundcore is going to be interesting. When the L2P was launched they stated orally that Ambient mode was coming, so some buyers feel they were owed Ambient, and so some will expect a L2P+ discounted in lieu of a false statement. Therefore I am wondering if it will be a quiet launch, not announced.

It is a sideways change, they remove AptX and add LDAC. So only those capable of higher bitrates, apps, the music, and the phone, can benefit.

From that ASIN we can infer the link to the other countries

Speculation on price? 149 Euros


From the teardown, I do not see any inherent physical reason for these to be more expensive, if anything they could be lower price.

My mind is now focusing on the products yet to exist, the one after this A3930 L2P Upgraded. To keep the coaxial drivers with the inline armature, with ANC added, will involve some high creativity on the physical design. The coaxial design has the grill mesh, armature, driver, and for it tilted to the ear, so the rear of that whole stack of parts is intruding into the place where the electronics are. Nothing like any of their other buds. To then insert a microphone right in that stack will involve shrinking it all down in size, or shrinking the electronics.

Looking forward to the teardown of the “Liberty 3 Pro” (nickname) in a few months’ time. Beta Testers hopefully do a good job.

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I checked different countries. Odd, available in Canada before USA, and yet ships from USA. The price looks reasonable?





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Kind of interesting they would do such a small upgrade on this one I don’t think it will be enough for the marketing to go well. If they added anc as well then maybe but just ldac and ambient sounds makes it seem like it would be hard to compete with the older l2p when on sale for 100

Typically there is a 20% discount in a month, so around $120.

It makes most sense for this to be a quiet soft launch and focus most effort on the “L3P”.

LDAC is now in the LA2P as an unofficial firmware, the L2P Upgraded, Q35.

Q20 II yet to be for sale, Flare Mini upgrade yet to show, the Motion+ upgraded yet to show.

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Seems reasonable, as that was launch point for the original L2P

And I think they still hold that price…the white colorway of the Og still $169.99

From the teardown pictures, there’s no obvious inherent reason for these to cost more than original.

I’d expect a discount for these and end up similar price to L2P and then choice of AptX or LDAC, and how much battery life matters to you

Eyes move to the next product. This A3930 has physically existed for a year, uses chipsets been out that long, hence the modest update. So I’m expecting a more real upgrade product to be the one for L2P owners to expect to see as a true upgrade in next months.

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To illustrate they are stumbling release out, product has two names

Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded
Liberty 2 Pro+ (upgraded version)

“Note: Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version will appear as “Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro+” in your device’s Bluetooth menu.”

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