EufyCam: old records disappeared

Hello, sorry if this a duplicate, I couldn’t find anything after a few searches.

Recently I noticed that the initial records of the camera (around 31 December) disappeared. I don’t know if this a feature or an update bug, could you confirm?
If it’s a feature, is there any way we can setup the max history?


I need to start out by telling you I don’t own a eufycam and have never used one. So what I’m about to say is speculation. It’s possible that the old videos are stored on an SD or micro SD card that’s in the camera. Than when it is full, it start deleting the oldest videos. If this is the case, if you want storage to go farther back you need a larger SD card. If it’s stored on the cloud than I have no idea, except that anker probably only allows a certain amount of storage due to the amount of space videos take up. I hope you find this helpful!

The recordings are still there, but there’s currently no way to access recordings more than a month old. I believe this is something they’ve said they’re working on, although I can’t remember if it’s for the app or for the web portal service.

Edit: Found the post I was thinking of Old videos deleted automatically?


Excellent, that actually makes sense because the SD space is still growing.
Thank you for the answer and the link.

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