Old videos deleted automatically?

Just realized that the system will delete any events recorded older than approx. a month. I was checking my recordings and could not find any video prior to Dec 30th.

I was under impression that it will override recordings only when the SD card is full. My storage on the original 16GB SD card never went up beyond 14%, so I was thinking why waste money to purchase a 128G card.
But now it seems I have to save recordings to my phone or buy a SD/NAS if I want to save my recordings.
@AnkerSupport: Is this normal and intentional as designed or some flaw in my system?

I noticed this too.

interesting. I think it is a setting in the app to only go back 30 days, not sure if older videos are actually deleted or just inaccessible through app.
I believe arlo had something similiar to this as well but it may have a lock button to protect individual videos from being deleted. i cant remember honestly but it sounds very familiar. I also had a script i could run on webpage that made older videos and deleted video “visible” again, but that was long time ago

If the videos are still in the SD card the memory used should be definitely more than 11% and growing (as shown in the app) with 2 months of activities.

I haven’t deleted any videos since the end of Nov. My SD card is at 32% but like you, I can only go back to Dec 31st as of today. All previous dates are greyed out. If videos are being deleted after 30 days, the SD card should never fill up unless you have an inordinate amount of videos being captured every day. At least that’s what I think.


True. Raised a ticket with customer service. As nobody complained about such issue, they were not aware of this. Their engineers are looking into this and will get back to us, hopefully soon before we lose any important footage !!

The App will show videos of the last 30 days but the microSD card keeps as many videos as it can hold. The older videos are still there. When it comes to checking/backing up videos for the past 30 days we’re working on desktop software for this. Stay tuned!


Thank you @AnkerSupport for the response! great to hear that the videos past 30days were not deleted.
Still not clear how the memory used shown within the app is not accurate? how do we know when we get to the point where you either backup your videos or system will override them.
Mine always shows that I have used 11% - 14% based on the activities during last 30 days, which is not true.

Any update on this? I’m still tuned after 4 years