Eufy Video Doorbell - random rings in the middle of the night

Support will send you an upgraded chime unit that looks and has the same version numbers on it, but the code has been upgraded on it to fix the issue. The chime unit does not appear to be field upgradable. This new unit has fixed the issue for me.

@Dunhaven - Thanks! I’ll try to contact them a bit later today. Oddly enough, I left the chime unplugged for about 30 minutes, then turned it upside down and plugged it into the bottom socket of the same outlet. It’s been quiet for about 20 minutes. Still, I believe this is temporary; and I’ll still see if I can get a replacement.

It’s related to 400mhz interference. It’s definitely temporary but it will pop up at the wrong times if left unresolved.

It happened to me as well. Solution was to put it in rice

I am facing the same issue. Random rings and the traditional bell keeps ringing non-stop until unplugging the transformer or Eufy doorbell. Re-paring fixes the issue for just a couple of days. What I also noticed is that after the random ringing the Eufy doorbell (2k battery) which is wired connected switched to battery mode. Only way to “fix” this is to reinstall the doorbell.


Contact support and ask for an updated indoor ringer unit.

I got a replacement chime about a year ago and was good until last night there was two phantom chimes. No notification in my phone. About an hour apart for each chime. Other cameras verify no one in the area or motion. Back to square one. I guess I’ll request another chime or switch brands after I reset and re-pair.

Mains or battery powered? If main then it could have been caused by an electric spike which confused the electronics.

I’ve seen this behavior before on a skylink system with wireless switches. My fix was to get a single outlet surge suppressor for the receiver. It stopped the receiver from generating an alarm when the switch itself was showing closed all the time.

Might work to plug the remote chime into one of these suppressors to reduce any kind of power line spikes.

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I’m having the same exact problem. Worked fine for two weeks than it started chiming randomly. No one at the door, no action registered. I also have an other camera that covers my driveway leading up to the front door. It shows no activity. Can’t live with this problem. If it’s not corrected within the next two weeks I’ll have to return it.

Check your wiring, moisture can cause this and also a voltage or power surge can also cause this.

Has similar problem with phantom ringing with the wireless doorbell in wired configuration using the existing doorbell. Turned out it was the power. I had a 8-12-24v transformer set to 24v and when I changed connected it to the 12v feed the problems disappeared.

I’m curious about Eufy doorbell, Hopefully I can find one on deal soon :slight_smile:

I have been looking at the same problem but I could not find a solution in this thread. Here is my setup and problem description. I have a Eufy 2K battery doorbell (T8210 firmware and a Honeywell physical doorbell (DC915SCV). The doorbell is wired through 12v and configured with an existing doorbell that if the doorbell is pressed the other physical doorbell will ring. I tested the setup and everything works.
I have the same problem that the doorbell will ring randomly even in the middle of the night. When that occurs there is no event recorded in the app which makes me think that it is related to the power consumption of the Eufy doorbell. In the app I could see sometimes that the doorbell switched from powered (plug icon :electric_plug:) to battery powered ( battery icon​:battery:).
I have tried re-pairing, different settings like which kind of ringer I have (digital vs coils) and also switching to 24V but nothing really worked. I also checked for moisture but nothing found and the doorbell is fixed to a dry place.
Is there a way to fix this? Do I need a software update, do I have a faulty device, or do I need to add extra hardware?
I think this problem is super annoying, because it wakes up my kids and me, and makes me go to the front door when nobody is there.

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I have the wired eufy 2k with 2 chimes, one upstairs and one downstairs. I have this issue when it’s cold outside which normally is in the middle of the night when the temperature drops below 55 degrees. When this issue is happening it only rings on one chimes at the time, never on both of them. Has anyone found a fix for this issue?

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Same issue is happening to me. Friday I was working at me desk when the bell wrong. I ran to the door, and nobody. I checked the event logs, nothing. I checked the other cameras, nothing.

This morning I work up to a door bell. Thinking it must be an emergency I grabbed a robe and rushed to the door. Nobody. When I checked the time in the bathroom, it was 6:02 AM. So I expect it rang at exactly 6:00 AM. Leading me to expect it is interference with some other automation. Perhaps my own, perhaps a neighbor. I live in a town house so we are quite close together.

The only thing my automation has set for 6 AM is the heater. It would not surprise me if some neighbours have remote car starts or such as 6AM, as some leave quite early in the morning.

Based on the fact this thread indicates any solution is temporary, I disabled the ringer in the hub. I still have the indoor chimes, and alexa routines…

Y’all sure Eufy hasn’t been hacked & it’s some nerd messing with you? Seems convenient it happens to everybody in the dead of night, just saying. My parents have this issue going on right now & if the device does it again were trashing the doorbell.

We had a couple of wireless doorbells a few years ago that would ring every time our neighbour locked or unlocked his car with remote… I changed the frequency on doorbell and the problem went away. The world is now full of radio signals and even things like home automation devices communicate with wireless…

I don’t understand why Eufy doesn’t give us the option of using an existing chime. Other wired doorbells can do this.

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We too have been plagued with this random, phantom doorbell ringing. It can occir any time of he day including between 2:00 7 4:00 AM. There is NEVER anyone at the door nor has there been.

The latest occurence was this AM around 9:56. But this time, the Video Doorbell was inside a closed drawe in a desk being charged. It took a picture of what little it could see in the drawer and of course, rang the bell!