Eufy Video Doorbell - random rings in the middle of the night

Our doorbell (T8200, version 2.181) appears to experience a random doorbell ring inside. Last night, it rang twice - both times, no event was generated within the app. Nobody was outside, again, no video event to look at when awoken from sleep. We also have another camera covering this area and confirmed nobody actually ringed the bell (and if they had, there would be an event). This issue also happened a few weeks ago, but I assumed it was a fluke, but since it happened twice last night, my wife is very upset as it’s interrupted our sleep. For now, I’ve unplugged the ringing unit, but that does not seem like a great long-term option if we wish to know when someone is at the door. Perhaps a setting to suppress all ringing during certain hours would solve this (I believe this would need to be different than Home/Away as there is no setting to suppress ringing). Is anyone else seeing this? Seems like it will be a show-stopper for me recommending this unit to others.


I dont have this doorbell, but we do have another brand one and experienced the same issue a few weeks ago. It turns out a little bit of moisture got into the wiring and caused the bell to ring due to voltage fluctuations. Once we addressed the wiring we haven’t had any issues since.


Thank you for your response. The ringer on this particular model is a secondary piece that is plugged in and linked wirelessly to the push button/video unit. This is what rang, not my built-in door bell that was bypassed in order to supply power to the video unit. If there was moisture on the wires, the unit might not work 100%, but it wouldn’t trigger a ring on the secondary ringer that supposedly requires linking to the doorbell. I was assuming there was some network interference on whatever RF the doorbell and ringer communicate on. My door is also under a 10ft deep covered porch, so it’s unlikely that moisture got into this area.

It was just a thought, and also my doorbell is under a covered porch too and moisture got to it. But that’s neither here nor there.

But for your issue in would monitor and see if it happens again, it very well could have been a fluke or just signal interference. Almost every device that uses rf, has to accept interference so who knows

Hello! @Dunhaven Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the random doorbell ring! Could you please confirm whether you’ve set the activity zones in the App? If yes, please check whether there is any moving objects (like animals, etc) in the selected areas constantly triggering the doorbell. You can try resetting the activity zone and lowering the sensitivity level to see whether the same issue still occurs.

If it still persists, please try contacting us via Our senior support staff will forward your issue and device info to our engineer team for further checking. Again sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time!

Did you see that no event was triggered? The bell rang and there was no event generated.

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My Eufy door bell (wireless indoor unit) is also randomly ringing with out any person touching the Eufy unit outside.

Support had me re-pair the bell unit and we haven’t had an issue since (it’s been about 15 days).

I tried re-pairing the bell unit multiple times and am still having this issue.

Was the repair simple?

Is there an actual fix for this? My new doorbell is doing the random ringing as well.

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Just re-pair the indoor unit from the app.

I have had this problem two times now in the middle of the night. I wakes up my kids and is incredibly annoying. I’ve tried repairing and it still occurs. What is causing this?

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I re-paired the connection and it was fine for a couple days, still happened again in the middle of the night, 3 days later.


I re-paired and had this happen a third time. Did firmware upgrades, even shut off the chime from the app but it kept chiming. Woke up everyone in the middle of the night when it’s set to be silent. so angry.

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This may or may not be the case - but as I recall during setup, the chime unit ‘chimed’ when it initially connected to the doorbell unit.

My chime just went off -without- a doorbell event. I believe it’s the first time I ever noticed it do that (except for, perhaps, during initial setup).

My bit of input is this: right before I heard the not-caused-by-a-door-bell chime, the chime box had just briefly lost power (for under a few seconds or less) as I struggled to fix the power strip it was plugged into.

So that’s my running theory - which I’ll try to get around to testing at some point when my dogs are more calm. Does a momentary loss of power to the chime box cause a ring without anyone pressing the front door button? (to be clear - this happened a good minute or two after the chime was again plugged in).

My other thought would have been to check your voltage going to the doorbell - but I have shaky voltage going to my doorbell unit - and even when it seemed to be having trouble, it never caused the chime to fire.

And it happened again today. So unhappy.

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Contact support. They will send you a new unit that has some different code on it. I’ve been trying it for about a week; that being said, it’s still on a timer that goes off at bedtime and on in the morning. It’s not the voltage - my voltage is fine. It’s not power loss - I have things in my home that would alert me to the smallest amount of power loss. It’s something to with the frequency and something interfering.

Just experienced this for second time I really like the Eufy product have the doorbell and 4 other wireless cameras but I wish you guys could figure it out

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We just experienced the same thing this morning. The indoor chime (paired with Doorbell T8200, Version 2.322) went off at 0515. There was no video event on the doorbell or the Arlo camera watching the same area. Also, our motion-sensor porch light did not activate. The indoor chime went off again at 0600. We unplugged the chime for several minutes, then plugged it back in. The chime started sounding again within about 30 seconds of being plugged in and kept ringing about every 15 seconds–non-stop. We unplugged it again for about 10 minutes while reading this forum. I re-sync’d, and re-paired the chime. I pushed the doorbell button and it was find…for about 5 minutes. Then the indoor chime sounded again with no event. We have had the Eufy doorbell and chime for about 3 months and loved it…until now.