Eufy Siren

I know both the Homebase and the Eufycam have sirens in them… but they’re really not very loud.

Can we please have a Eufy Siren that is REALLY, REALLY loud? Both an External and an Internal?

Cheers, Jason


This should be triggered wirelessly by the Home base and have the option of battery powered (like the camera) or Hardwire,

A big reason for that beyond the sound level, is the possibility to keep the Home Base hidden and the alarm in a hard to reach place.

Right now the alarm gives up the location of the home base…


Eufy should take care of this in a future release

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On my 2c cameras i tested the siren and they rated 102db at 20ft with my db meter. I have mine set so only the cameras sound the alarm and not the base

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im in a huge need of this, mostly considering how easy to steal the cameras are…

The base station alarm volume is a joke even when at max. How is it supposed to scare anybody? I can barely even hear it if I’m upstairs or in the basement. Is there another option like an add-on siren that is actually loud?


Just seen this about an eufy siren. I for one would be interested in a hardwired siren that can be operated at the same time as the eufy floodlight siren. This would then give the option of having this siren either indoors or at a second placement out side.

Need also this external siren feature!
The home base siren is ridiculous… an external siren module (wired or not) is mandatory!
What are you waiting for @AnkerOfficial ? Thanks.


Having this would be awesome!!

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A siren would deter people from even coming near the property or camera

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Bumping this thread…I totally agree that there should a siren/speaker that can be connected to the HomeBase. The HomeBase alarm isn’t loud AT ALL, especially for people with a bigger house than average.

The device should just be a speaker that can be turned on really loud. It can be battery powered or net powered, that doesn’t really matter I think. What’s important is that it can be placed where ever needed. We really need this product!


Why not integrate the eufy doorbell chime (during software update on both home base and chime) to serve as add-on siren when alarms goes off from eufy motion sensor and eufy entry sensor. At least you can place and plug this chimes anywhere in your home.


This should’ve been released same time as alarm kit. I come from Nest, even there’s is extremely loud!

My insurance company requires that I have an external siren.

Until Eufy makes one available, their security products are not of use to me.

I would also be interested!

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This literally is the only thing that’s holding me from switing to Eufy. To me, loud stand alone siren is a must for a complete security system.

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I’m also waiting for this feature. The alarm/siren must be outside and be heard by neighbors!

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It would be of great interest to me too

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I would be interested in this as well! Please.

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Another vote for me 🙋

I’m currently using Yale and having a nice obvious siren box on the front of the house is a good deterrent as well as ridiculously loud!

I wouldn’t switch without a replacement for that.