Eufy robovac 11 brush motor gear failure

Would cost a fortune to get a part shipped over the pond.

Well, It will not cost you more than a part shipped over the ocean. This is much better as you are getting genuine new part than a used one sold at Ebay for whatever markup price they put based on demand.

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If I would need such a part I am sure I can handle a deal and shipping from USA.
You are right, to get original, genuine parts is much more better,
than buy such from any were else.

Has someone fix this gear problem? Mine is also broken and there is no gearwheels on ebay…
Has someone an idea or link?

Looks like the page is up, but the motor assemblies are not available:
The selected quantity of “Side Brush Motor [T2108111-90] (Color Group: Clear)” is unavailable.

Also it’s too bad we can only buy the whole assembly and not just the gears since this seems to be a common problem, I wanted to buy 5 or 10 of them for the future ahaha.

The middle gear on eBay

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Good Afternoon. I discovered Jamie Heath, the guy who posted the eBay Link above, in my search for a replacement gear.

They are available via eBay.UK but officially he doesn’t ship to the US. After a couple of emails back and forth he said that he would ship the 2 printed gears to me for ~$15 I really only need one but what the heck, having a spare isn’t a bad idea. I told him that I would post where I was searching for these parts but he figured this out without me.

I don’t know how long it takes things to swim across the pond but when I get them installed I will let everyone know.

I don’t want to share his email on a public forum but he does respond back to inquires on his ebay link

I did reach out to Eufy and I know they have a stock of Side Brush Motors but they are using them for Warranty Replacements vs selling them outright. When I asked when they would be back in stock the answer was… I don’t know… Just keep checking back.

One day they might be available… I did find them for $30+ on ebay but I wasn’t willing to spend that much yet, I would likely just unplug the motor for that price.

I did order a pair of gears from Jamie Heath (below) and I will let everyone know how it works

For anyone in the UK with this issue, I reached out to eufy. They offered me a complete replacement side brush unit (with gears and motor) for £12. I recommend contacting eufy directly. I tried 3D printing this gear myself and it shattered during use on both of my attempts. Hopefully this helps someone out.


Thanks @Ryan_Etheridge_Killl good shout.
Touch wood, mines still doing ok but good to know original replacements are available in the UK.

Hi! You can buy replacement gears here, they have really nice fit and are redesigned to don’t worn out if the brush gets jammed.

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For anyone interested, I found this on Thingiverse as well:
Eufy 11s Corner Brush Gear Set Replacement

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If I need such one, I am sure the is one who can do for me.

Hey guys, just thought I’d chime in here. Same problem, naturally, I’ve had 3 blown gearboxes at this point, and one of them was the “upgraded” replacement they sent me from the first time, along with the 2nd original one. Sigh, this is a poor design all around. I have now iterated like 20 times trying to 3D print these darned gears, it’s really tricky as there are 4 gears that must fit together perfectly to work smoothly (one on the motor plus the two that break, one of those is 2-in-1). I thought it would be as simple as printing one of the designs on Thingiverse, but they ALL have issues, out of round design, incorrect number of gears, incorrect angle on helical gear, etc. So I’ve hacked them into being completely my own at this point, but then you get into printing tolerances. Finally, there is material, it is my belief that these should be nylon (or at a minimum PETG), otherwise they will soon break. I’m still working on this, but am sharing to warn you about the incorrect 3D models, and the fact that some of these Ebay online parts look like they are printed with poor tolerancing, and some look like brittle PLA. Just a heads up. This is simply ridiculous that Anker doesn’t stand behind these at least sell us replacement gears or gearboxes. I’m a huge fan, but am no longer sure I can recommend Robovacs.

Oh, forgot to mention that they changed both gear pieces on the redesign, incompatible with the old ones (same motor and gearbox) so you just need to use a matching set. This may have contributed to the confusion about sizes and teeth. But…as I said, the new design didn’t last either. I’m hoping my nylon gears will outperform the originals, which are some hard plastic like ABS.

Hey everyone,
we are suffering from the dreaded stripped gears on our old Robovac 10 as well. I have a query regarding the redesign. Does anyone know if all the ‘hard points’ of the gearboxes (mounting points of the housing and/or axes of the gears) are the same between the RoboVac 10 and the RoboVac 11? If so would it be possible to just purchase a complete RoboVac 11 gearbox assembly and build it into the RoboVac10? If not, if the housing has changed, does anyone know if the gears (all of them in the housing, not just one) can simply be swapped out?

I never heard of that RoboVac 10.
I got “old Willy” (11S ) in 2018. Still working properly.

You should ask the support.
But from construction idea the construction should not have altered so much,.
Tell us more about your investigations please.

I have good news on Robovac spare parts. I have been corresponding with Anker on my recent side brush gear failures, and they continue to have excellent support wanting to make us happy. In addition to offering to replace my recent failed parts, they sent a link, there (again?) seems to be a live support site for spare parts, they have just about everything, shipping is free, and I think prices are fair, here is the side brush motor:

See my post below, you can get parts directly from Anker now. They state about the side brush motor “eufy Side brush motor Authentic part manufactured by eufy. Compatible with RoboVac 11S,11S PLUS,11S MAX,12,15C,15C MAX,15T,25C,30,30C ,30C MAX,G10 Hybrid,G30,G30 Edge”. There is only one option to purchase, so they seem to fit across the product line, but there is no mention about a Robovac 10…