Eufy robovac 11 brush motor gear failure

Ok, so I have drawn it’s replacement and sent it off for 3d printing. First time I have done either so no idea how it’s going to turn out.

@melissanmaggie did you do the two sneaky screws under the roller?

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Mostly those gear wheel are broken by debris and hairs.
A skilled person can change these easily,

You can see here a broken tooth caused a stripped gear on a 30C. And after only 6 months of use!

Made a request to the rushgears site (thanks) but hopefully can find something sooner. For now, Eufy is running much quieter with only one brush.

I think such a gear can be found as it should be nothing exotic.
Before you replace it : GREASE!

I have the dreaded stripped side brush gear issue as well. Has anyone found a replacement source? I have contacted a supplier in China via eBay but I need the ID of the gear. The OD of the large and small gear was in another post, 21.1mm 40 teeth large gear and 5.7mm 10 teeth with the large gear having a 20 degree taper. I have not verified this but I’m searching based on this but need the ID.

Do you have a website or supplier for the gears?

Modelmaker suppliers ( Google should help!) :wink:
Merry Christmas!

I tried searching the internet for hours and have not found a helical reduction gear. (21.1mm 40 teeth large gear and 5.7mm 10 teeth for small) The larger helical gear is what is making this hard to find. I did find several listings on eBay for the entire motor & gear box in the $15 area. If someone knows of a site for just the gear please list the address. Just stating “Use Google” is not very helpful. My fear is that if there is a supplier hiding out there the shipping will bring it close to the price I mentioned above.

As far I see you found a replacement including the motor.
I suppose you have checked all such suppliers.äder+modellbau&ref=choice_dp_b

I received the two replacement side brush motor assemblies I bought from two different vendors on eBay. Funny thing is I ordered one from a California location and one from China and they both showed up via USPS on the same day. I opened both packages and they both appeared to be used. They both had some dust on them along with a few scratches. One actually had a small dust bunny on it with some hair! My thought is they disassembled old machines and sell the parts. Both listing called the parts “new”.
So I watched a YouTube video on disassembly and removed the original motor assembly. When I tried to place the “new” assembly in to position it would not fit. There are three screw holes and I could only get 2 of the 3 to align after trying several times. I gave up and swapped the two gears and all is well. I’m okay with spending $10 for a set of gears.
I sent a message to both eBay vendors of the problem notifying them that they didn’t fit. They are listed as Eufy RoboVac11 so maybe they came out of another model 11 that is not the 11s.
Oh well - I’m happy that the gears were an identical match. Opening up the two motor assemblies and swapping the gears only took a minute.

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Thats great and thank you sharing your success with us.


Hi Micheal,

I am having the similar issues with my Eufy 11s. Do you mind posting the link of the motors you got from Ebay. Would appreciate that.


Ebay doesn’t keep your order info as long as they had in the past. Here is the best I can do.

Thanks for sharing. This is helpful.

No problem. I took a quick look and didn’t see any on eBay but I thought I had seen one pop up for some reason when I was in ebay. I guess as they get old vacuums in to break down for parts they show up from time to time. All I needed was that damn plastic gear but buying the entire motor was the cheapest and only way to repair it. Good luck!

Those hints are very helpful.
Thank you!

Actually, I thought to give Anker innovations a call about Eufy 11s spare parts and they confirmed me that their web link for eufy spare parts is up and running. For Eufy and I believe other products they have a warehouse in California. Here is the link to it.

Hope this will help to take care of future spare parts replacement if needed.