Eufy doorbell Google home intergration

@AnkerOfficial it would be good if the doorbell (including chime) is integrated with the google home!


Good point! It’s already supported for eufycam, and eufycam E, so why not throw in the doorbell?


I’ve gotten my doorbell to work with Google Home, at least with my Nest Hub I can view the stream.


Does it not work already? I saw the integration just haven’t tried to set it up yet.

The doorbell is already integrated with Google Assistant. I can stream via the Google Nest Hub.

How about not using the given chime and doorbell sounding thr’ your google homes & mini?


I was hoping to do this with IFTTT when it ships, but native integration with Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Assistant for use of the Echo and Home Mini as chimes would be nicer by far.


I don’t have the product, but I saw a Tweet that the Eufy Doorbell now supports Alexa Announcements. The Arlo devices can similarly chime Echos. I don’t know that any device besides the Nest Hello can automatically chime Google Assistant devices, maybe Google hasn’t gotten to developing that yet.

Great idea! :clap:

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A question about the Google integration - it seems you can set it up to say “Hey Google, stream the front door” on the Google Nest Hub, but can it automatically pop up a video stream when the doorbell is pressed, or detects motion, like the Nest doorbell does ?

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I do not have the doorbell show up on my google home when the Eufy Doorbell is pushed like I do for Nest Hello. Not sure if because my Nest Hello is already tied to my Google Homes or not

I am waiting for this feature as well. I actually thought that this would happen but it does not. I have to say “Hey Google, show me the front door”. I would even like to get an alert to my Nest Hub if possible.


Hello! @PJ77 Thanks so much for your valuable suggestion! We’ll forward it to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the near future. All eufy team members will keep working! Thank you!


I think this feature as well as an option for an RTSP feed are the only things holding me back from purchasing this doorbell right now.

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Ability to tell Nest Hub to display door video is good. Agree with suggestions above to:

  • autodisplay door video on doorbell ring

  • use all Home devices (e.g. Minis) as doorbell repeaters (as the single chime unit included with the Eufy Doorbell is insufficient)

Keep up the great work-- your products are great. It seems like we are getting closer and closer to Star Trek every day…!


Hi - I just installed the Eufy Video Doorbell and am astounded by how great is seems to be! I was hoping i could have the ringer chime on my 2 Google (Nest) Mini devices. I’ve activated my Eufy Security “account” in my Google Home app, but the Google Home Mini isn’t ringing when I ring the doorbell, even on a delay. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?This text will be hidden


Hi @dphsia I am assuming you followed the following steps:

Hi @PJ77, yes, I did. I can see the doorbell added to the Room of choice in my Google Home app, but I don’t get a ring on either Home Mini device I have. This is my setup:

  1. My doorbell is added to my “Porch” room, where I also happen to have Eufy smart bulbs
  2. I have a Nest Mini in my “Family Room” room
  3. I have a 2nd Home Mini in my “Bedroom” room
  4. I don’t hear a ring on either Mini when the Eufy doorbell is pressed.

Is my setup wrong?


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Hi all,

I am really interested in this thread and wanted to see if there was any progress here.

I have my doorbell connected to Google Home and can use voice commands to request a video feed to my Home Hub Max.

What I would like to know is, when the doorbell is pressed (from the outside) how can I get a feed start on my Home Hub Max and how can I get a ring chime on my Google Home speaker?

Is this functionality available in Australia and how can I turn this on please?

Thank you


They don’t have this option. I really wish they would consider. I just installed a few google home hubs around the house in the walls. Would def be great. The only doorbell with this option is the nest.