Eufy doorbell Google home intergration

Could any one tell me if the chime feature has been made availbale yet before I purchase and if so does the chime go off on all the assistants in the house.


As far as i can tell no. There’s no chime fucntionality.

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Hello. I am unable to perform this. It automatically streams on chromecast/living room tv. How to set it up on Google Nest Hub? Thanks.

Hi @AnkerSupport,

Any updates on when the pressing the doorbell will trigger chime and video on Google home hub?


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Full integration would also allow doorbell chimes/notifications to sound through Google Home devices, the same way it (is supposed to) work with Alexa devices.

@AnkerSupport I am literally on the fence of buying into your ecosystem of security devices. When are the Google Home chimes coming, what about video feed to Google Hubs when the doorbell is pressed? Otherwise, I have other options to choose from.

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In settings, Google Home sees this as a video camera, not an audio casting device. So you can stream to your smart screen, like Hub Max or Chromecast enabled devices… But Google Home won’t let you stream audio to your mini or whatever. This would be a simple coding fix for Eufy, to enable Google Home to see the device as both audio and/or video enabled. Let’s do this engineers… You got this.

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Hi I have the same problem and no one can help
Please let me know when you find out.

Just installed the 2k doorbell. T totally agree, chime support on Google Mini and other Speakers with build in Google assistant would be such a plus to so many people, especially since the mini are so cheap and convenient. Please make this happen.

I also hope full integration comes fast with google nest and hub.

Yes, you can view the Eufy doorbell stream or camera feed on your google hub but what you view is a 15 to 20sec delayed view which makes it all but useless. Plus there is zero interaction with the feed. So unless eufy fixes the integration with Google home, I may have to give up on eufy products.
Another problem has to do with their home bases. Rather than being able to arm your whole house with away/home mode once, you have to arm each individual home base. And that also makes the keypad all but useless for people with multiple home bases. Whomever thought of this should be fired. The current eufy security system is based on a hodge podge of products that some work and some don’t with a home base, yet the home bases stand alone in a home network rather than a single unified unit to be used with the alarm home keypad kit. And unless eufy fixes this deranged setup and quickly, I see dark clouds for their otherwise great products forming ahead.

It works… a bit.
But it’s quite unrelably and the delay is huge.
When there is motion detected and when someone rings the doorbell my Google Nest Hub doesn’t do anything.
This isn’t integration.
I am also unable to stream more than a miunute or so and then it stops.
I started off with battery use but a day later I supplied power but that doesn’t make a change.
When streaming on my iPad I also get messages about draining the battery though the app sees the doorbell is powered.

I’m getting a bit miffed with the Eufy doorbell integration on Google Home Hub.

Today, i’ve installed a doorbell at my parents home. Linked these to their Google Home account, assigned the chime and doorbell to homes. Synced the devices on their Home Hub.

Despite all this, I can’t summon a video feed from the doorbell, either by voice or through the hubs touch interface. Right now, I’d settle for an image with 20sec delay, but we have nothing.

Annoyingly, I have a Eufy 2C camera system purchased as a gift, waiting to be installed after Christmas. I have a feeling, I’m going to be disappointed.

All i’m getting is the “Sorry, the stream from …. is currently unavailable”

Any ideas as to what I can do to resolve this?

Make sure you updated to the latest firmware both the doorbell and the homebase. Sometimes it gives that error due to the homebase doing some processing, or you are watching a live stream on your phone. The point is that I had the error as well, and the next minute when I tried it again, it worked just fine. Maybe it is an issue with opening and closing multiple streams. However believe me watching a 20sec delayed video is all but useless. Your parents are much better off learning how to watch the front door doorbell video from their Eufy app on their smartphone.

Thanks Harry, I’ll take a look at the setting on my next visit. The chime definitely updated during installation, but I don’t recall the actual doorbell updating. Is it obvious when this updates, or does it update in the background (like Ring)?

I think part of me just wants the Google hub to display for completeness. I fully expect once the novelty wears off, it probably wont be used.

Does the hub allow away mode to be toggled on an off?

The Google Hub does absolutely nothing other than showing you a 20sec delayed video stream of the doorbell. It is utterly useless. It would be much better if they can get all those Google Hubs, Homes and minis I have around the house to announce that there was a human/motion event or a ring event in real time audio only, and being able also to use them as chimes (like Alexa can). But real time video ain’t happening. In fact just concentrating in adding real time audio-only would be much better than the 20sec delayed video.

IMO, Google Nest Hello and Alexa Ring will always have an unfair advantage in getting their doorbells to work fast with their AI hubs and echos versus competing 3rd party companies with their interface. There is nothing in it dollar wise for Google and Amazon to make it faster for them. So I would rather for them concentrate to something that can be real time. Like audio-only.

I purchased the Eufy Doorbell after reading a recommendation from, Quote “Google Assistant support on Eufy products has had a significant upgrade lately and fully supports casting of video to Chromecasts and smart displays. You’ll find the Eufy Smart Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell right in your Google Home app, and will even get alerts on your devices when someone rings the doorbell. It’s a great experience that’s only marred by Eufy’s lack of two-factor authentication in most counties.” End Quote. From what I’ve read on this forum I’m going to be disappointed, is there any chance that ANKER will include Google intergration as they have with Alexa in the Eufy setup procedures?.

Hi @James_Johnson15, what options do you have other than Google Nest Hello? Cause other than Google nest hello I don’t know of any other that will automatically show a real time feed when the doorbell is pressed. So I would like to know. Many thanks.

how did you even get the door bell in Google Home. when i try to add the Eufy Security i get all the way to the point where it says linking Eufy security and then jumps back to the Set up a device page

Keep trying. You will find out that it finally works but is completely useless IMO with a 20sec delay and no two-way interaction. Amazon’s Alexa works much better with the battery doorbell and 2C cameras (only about a 5-6sec delay) . In short, Google home supports sucks because Google Home 3rd party integration sucks. Alexa obliterates Google Home in 3rd party integration. I have about 7 Google Home devices and I’m selling them and switching to Alexa just because of the superior 3rd party integration. BTW, IMO you will never see the Nest integration with Google Home or the ring integration with Alexa, with 3rd party products. There will have to be a class action lawsuit against both Google and Alexa to reverse that. JMHO.