[eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-)

The techs inferred as much on PM…

Says who?! … They do not invest a lot of money by producing and developing a prototype and than dump it. Makes no sense. They can make a fortune by selling it to the world. And that (cash) is the only thing anker is interested in.

Sometimes you don’t find problems until you have a prototype. Not all problems are easy and quick fixes. If the cost is too high the product will get dropped. Really seems like Anker / Eufy needs an RF engineer.

So where should be a problem?! The range extender is doing nothing more than receiving the signal from the cam, maybe strengthen it and then forward it to the homebase. That’s it! No magic! A gumball machine for children is more complicated. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well its a bit more complicated than that… Not to mention there are multiple frequencies they have to deal with (low power and transfer). In theory, whatever encryption they are using shouldn’t need to be decrypted to be reencrypted and sent out, but who knows. To me that could be the biggest problem, if you have to put an encryption chip on there the cost is going to go up exponentially, not to mention would directly impact performance. All speculation of course… :slight_smile:

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This all MAY BE … but whatever, this is all not solving the eufy cam range extender issue at all.
Except i would accept to put another homebase OUTSIDE the flat/house, just to finally get some cams on without frequent failures and connection loss. And i won’t as the risk/danger is too high and the homebase won’t survive very long outside “in the wild” of a air-conditioned environment and humid and other factors would destroy it quite fast.

(Except the fact that you have to deal with two different homebases in the app, and different cams connected to different homebases, which restricts comfort and a positive user/customer experience!)

If someone would have told be during the kickstarer campaign that the eufy cam will only bring 10-12 meters maximum range (and then still have days with connection loss) and huge eufy/anker company is unskilled and unabled enough to not be able to release a simple range extender for an afforable price (additional to the high costs of the cam itself), i would never ever backed it! (and already bought 3 starter kits and 12 cams in total) :angry:

As per @AnkerTechnical via PM…not fully dead in the water but as good as for the moment…



They probably meant a WiFi 802.11 range extender to use for the homebase. Thats my guess.

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Perhaps they need a new version with optional antennas so you can use 5db antennas for long range

I assume they meant to use a standard wifi range extender to reach the base wherever you may put it

That’s what I was assuming as well, just seemed weird tagging a suggestion of a range extender (which the majority of us know we could have used (once WIFI became an option on the Homebase) alongside purchasing a additional Homebase for ‘larger’ homes…updated my post to allow others to form their own take on the wording…


Which means nothing less and shameful as that eufy/anker is now convicted of a big fat lie!


Sorry @yamyam but as it seems this is dead now.

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Like everything else on that timeline

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The only thing which is really DEAD,

is the TRUST in eufy/anker! :angry:

(And because of this mostly bad experience with anker/eufy and the several unfixed eufy cam issues, i decided to NOT buy any more eufy/anker products like the RoboVac L70 which i planed to buy several of. Now a more serious company will get my money.)

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical
Blame yourself eufy, it is YOUR behaviour and OWN FAULT that you lose a lot of money and sales!
(…not to talk about the reputation loss)


Shame on you @AnkerOfficial , shame on you! :cry:


1/1/2020: @AnkerOfficial any update on… uhm… I mean… ah, yes… Range extender! :smiley:

Currently deciding on Arlo vs Anker vs maybe others. I just need it to work and don’t want any of my time wasted, so best system wins, price really doesn’t matter.

The system that has a way to boost signal will clearly win this competition. Would Anker please elaborate on release date of these improvements:

  • range extender / signal booster
  • ability to connect external antennas, for example a directional antenna would be nice, and no need for range extender for some?

Will appreciate feedback.

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Not official but I use external antennas and it made a huge improvement


Hi, eufyCam’s first and second generation devices have Wi-Fi Connection in the HomeBase. Under normal circumstances, it can provide stable signals to your camera when you finish this setup.
Please refer to the content of this article:

We have no plans for a separate range extender for the time being.

So you now officialy and publicly call yourself liers?! Nice.

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Seriously? :astonished:

Anker’s solution to poor radio signals between a camera and homebase is to just physically move them closer, made possible by replacing homebase-to-router fast ethernet connection with congested/slower 2.4GHz WiFi?

Does Anker somehow believe that in “normal circumstances”, folks install only 1 camera, or few cameras close to each other, so that moving the homebase closer to them is THE solution to no longer warrant producing a previously promised homebase extender?

With the homebase supporting up to 16 cameras, does Anker not realize that many users need to install multiple cameras throughout the property and that moving the homebase closer to one camera would very likely move it further away from other cameras and hence worsen the issue?

Wow. I had high hopes for the EufySecurity products. But @AnkerTechnical 's response made me lose any respect for Anker product managers and engineers.

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As I understand it, the connection between the camera and the Homebase is a 2.4Ghz wifi network created by the Homebase.

Surely the simplest solution to this issue is then to allow the cameras to connect directly to a specified wifi network defined by the user? I know Anker said in a previous post that they didn’t want to enable this mostly for security reasons, but isn’t it a better thing to do to give the user that choice if they are struggling with signal issues? A single Eufy Homebase will never beat a well constructed, multi-AP Unifi setup for example. Some homes need that because of distance etc - why not just give the option of connecting to a wifi network to resolve this problem with the range (which could also be done by a firmware update presumably).