[eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-)

hey @yamyam bro, Germany is running 10 days behind the calendar :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … LOL :joy:

They don’t have definitive answer as when the extenders will be released hence the word “short time

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ROFLcopter … :rofl: … caught me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course 24.07.2019 or at the other side of the world: 07/24/2019

Thats the point, no more communication, no infos, no updates, no timeplan, nothing.
But as the failed with two or at least one timeline promise with the range extender, i understand that they do no want to tell any new date or month, but they need to hurry as we are waiting already too long and they could keep us informed frequently at least and tell us whats going on.


Lack of info is @AnkerOfficial fave thing to do… or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They like to keep guessing.

I mean, no other company makes a big thing of adding USBC to stuff, it’s just done!

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Months of horrible eufy cam range issue: 8+(!)

09.08.2019 - Preliminary result of the survey:

@all: Keep voting at the first post - direct link: [eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-)

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

Where … is … the … promised … and … urgently needed … eufy cam RANGE EXTENDER?!


I agree. I need the range extender due to my camera having super low to no signal sometimes. .


Welcome to the club @dicejedi ! :unamused:

Several of my cams frequently lose connection or can’t start livestream even after several tries (should anywa work on first one). @AnkerOfficial knows since over 8 months about the horrible and unacceptable range of the eufy cam and could fix this easily by the range extender, they just do not deliver it! :sos: You can’t even guess how pissed and frustrated i am! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The first cam above just stoped recording for over 3 hours now again! :no_entry: Just noticed by random as i wanted to check whats going on ans noticed that the live stream is not working again. A security cam with a range of a length of the tail of a squirrel which frequently loses connection and stops recording, even if its just 12 meters away, is USELESS! :wastebasket:

I don’t wanna know how many customers have silently just sent their cams back and got their refund or brought them back to the retail shops just because they havn’t got enough signal strenth! … What a huge revenue loss for Anker … Is that really necessary?!

Common @AnkerOfficial … we trusted in you and gave you over 3 million dollars in the campaign! Now show us the trust wasn’t invested negligently. Give us finally what we need to run your product as predicted. Please … P L E A S E !!!

:signal_strength: :signal_strength: :signal_strength: RANGE EXTENDERS! :signal_strength: :signal_strength: :signal_strength:


@AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial I am extremely disappointed with the range on my EufyCam E three pack. Why not let those of us that need it use whatever WiFi network we want until you can get the extenders to market? I need three access points to blanket my house but I was hoping I could get the front and back door with the homebase in the middle but if I do that, both cameras show low to no connectivity. :frowning_face:


hi,@yamyam@scooby2: The current version already supports the feature of Wi-Fi Connection. Please set and use it in the option of side bar->My Devices->HomeBase setting-> “connection”. If you encounter any problems in using it, please email us via support@eufylife.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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That’s not a range extender, that’s just moving the homebase to get 1 camera working and possibly making more than one camera stop working


It’s not feasible solution for most users.


Are you kidding us ?! :angry:
Don’t you recognize the seriousness of the situation ?! :thinking:

We do not want to move our homebases out of our flats/homes to get our cams online/connected!
We need REAL RANGE EXTENDERS (Hardware) and not useless wannabesolutions!

The horrible range of the eufy cam is a lack of the product - fix it finally please!
And better yesterday than tomorrow! It’s time!

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This is why, when I lived with the ex I installed a wired camera system … Not a great neighborhood!

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From another thread. Take note of the last sentence! :speak_no_evil:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

Could you to tell us what date the release of the eufy cam range extender is again please?!

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really need to extend the range of these!


Until the time these Range extenders are released… from a layman perspective, it would be better to stay away from these security cams and re-visit when these are available.

Products are meant to reduce the stress on owners - not to increase those… instead of releasing more and more products - it seems more sensible for companies to fix the issues in current product range. Evidently the seriousness of situation is completely undermined… And I hear you clearly :frowning:

One of my friend was looking into buying security cam system, been to his place today, being a technical guy - he had 4-5 products compared for all pros and cons… and range extension was one of those…


Exactly! … So eufy and @AnkerOfficial just do not care about their customers and the extremely horrible range issue they have…

… even if they promised the range extender and already for April/May 2019 (it is SEPTEMBER now!) and therefore know about this issue very well(!)…

…they also “shoot themself in their own foot” and harm their own sales!

Sorry to say, but this is pretty dumb. And only because they are not able to design, produce and release a little small box which is nothing more doing then forwarding a wifi-signal! :see_no_evil:

They know about the horrible eufy cam range since end of last year, and still … 9 months later no range extender product to buy. So they lose the sale on the range extender and also harm the sale of the eufy cam itself.

Check this! :open_mouth:

If a CEO or CFO of a company of this size would act like this in germany … they would all get FIRED!


@AnkerOfficial this is a great security camera system and don’t spoil the goodwill and trusted name in the industry by just avoiding these little concerns. Please put a stop these immediately and you will see great future for your security system.
I know you are also working on other products to make a complete security system such as alarm system.
But until you fix these issues, great Anker fans like @Shenoy will also hesitate to suggest eufycams to his friends.
So what is the point in bringing new products when your customers are struggling with current ones. I know this may affect a percentage of your total customer base, but eventually it will hurt your reputation.
Please escalate the situation.


So much true words!

These “experiences” i just make since 9 months with eufy and their ignorance in some cases and failed promises, extremely influences my decision ot buy or not to buy several eufy robovac L70!

I also invested several thousand euros in eufy cam and suggested it to several neighbours and friends, at least 4 more systems, but i stoped it now as i can not square this with my conscience anymore.

And i do not want to experience the same ignorance and missing update/fix/communicationfail policy as with eufy cam again with my robovacs.

So they do not only lose fans, they lose HARD DOLLARS! … a lot of it!


Do NOT want to sound negative as I love Anker products too and cannot resist myself buying more… but may be it’s time for Anker to step in and clarify whether it’s good or bad, we have to deal with it anyway…
Waiting for an answer is causing more damage than the actual fact. Anker does take care of their customer’s and ensure they are satisfied, many of us on this forum witnessed this.
But lacking of responsiveness on few matters such as this is taking away all that credit they have earned. I know they may be still working on these issues or some of them not feasible, but admitting this will clear the confusion.

Ok, that’s a long post … I will stop it now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Another dissatisfied customer at kickstarter:

Hi Eric, i have noticed the issue marked above too in the past months, several times. Also without moving any cam or the homebase. I also noticed that the homebase is going “offline” from time to time, even if the internet is fine and working.

Nothing new about the range extender, but you may wanna vote above (first post) to support us and keep the pressure alive at eufy?! :+1:

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