[eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-)

Like everything else on that timeline

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The only thing which is really DEAD,

is the TRUST in eufy/anker! :angry:

(And because of this mostly bad experience with anker/eufy and the several unfixed eufy cam issues, i decided to NOT buy any more eufy/anker products like the RoboVac L70 which i planed to buy several of. Now a more serious company will get my money.)

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical
Blame yourself eufy, it is YOUR behaviour and OWN FAULT that you lose a lot of money and sales!
(…not to talk about the reputation loss)


Shame on you @AnkerOfficial , shame on you! :cry:


1/1/2020: @AnkerOfficial any update on… uhm… I mean… ah, yes… Range extender! :smiley:

Currently deciding on Arlo vs Anker vs maybe others. I just need it to work and don’t want any of my time wasted, so best system wins, price really doesn’t matter.

The system that has a way to boost signal will clearly win this competition. Would Anker please elaborate on release date of these improvements:

  • range extender / signal booster
  • ability to connect external antennas, for example a directional antenna would be nice, and no need for range extender for some?

Will appreciate feedback.

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Not official but I use external antennas and it made a huge improvement


Hi, eufyCam’s first and second generation devices have Wi-Fi Connection in the HomeBase. Under normal circumstances, it can provide stable signals to your camera when you finish this setup.
Please refer to the content of this article:

We have no plans for a separate range extender for the time being.

So you now officialy and publicly call yourself liers?! Nice.

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Seriously? :astonished:

Anker’s solution to poor radio signals between a camera and homebase is to just physically move them closer, made possible by replacing homebase-to-router fast ethernet connection with congested/slower 2.4GHz WiFi?

Does Anker somehow believe that in “normal circumstances”, folks install only 1 camera, or few cameras close to each other, so that moving the homebase closer to them is THE solution to no longer warrant producing a previously promised homebase extender?

With the homebase supporting up to 16 cameras, does Anker not realize that many users need to install multiple cameras throughout the property and that moving the homebase closer to one camera would very likely move it further away from other cameras and hence worsen the issue?

Wow. I had high hopes for the EufySecurity products. But @AnkerTechnical 's response made me lose any respect for Anker product managers and engineers.

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As I understand it, the connection between the camera and the Homebase is a 2.4Ghz wifi network created by the Homebase.

Surely the simplest solution to this issue is then to allow the cameras to connect directly to a specified wifi network defined by the user? I know Anker said in a previous post that they didn’t want to enable this mostly for security reasons, but isn’t it a better thing to do to give the user that choice if they are struggling with signal issues? A single Eufy Homebase will never beat a well constructed, multi-AP Unifi setup for example. Some homes need that because of distance etc - why not just give the option of connecting to a wifi network to resolve this problem with the range (which could also be done by a firmware update presumably).

That won’t really work, you would have to convert the cameras to IP cameras & modify the homebase to be a NVR also the cameras & homebase have a low power 900mhz link, if you turned them into IP cameras the battery would last a fraction of the time

Radio signals have dramatically improved and more reliable with recent firmware updates. Live video play is still hit-or-miss; but at least motion footages get recorded.

HomeBase: System Version dated 2020-02-24
Camera: System Version 2.5.9 dated 2020-01-19

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Thanks for that info/update @tjsampah … i will try to check if i notice any difference.

As just mentioned in the forum just now in some other relation, i would like to PUSH this thread after some months, to remember eufy to develop a eufy cam range extender, as pomised, years ago.

I know, will never happen, as their try to develop one failed … but hope dies last!

Ironically, a couple of updates ago I noticed a significant improvement in range and was able to maintain four cameras in locations previously impeded by solid walls. However, the update at the end of May has reversed that and two of my cameras now fail to connect.

Still, I’m getting adverts for products on the app instead. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you try anything other than venting and wishing?

Did you try:

  • parabolic dishes
  • soldering directional antennas
  • shielding

I realise the energy to move finger ends is small, so it is easy.

The energy to move the mind, about 10% human energy, is much higher, but you have 100% control of it, and is far more effective than moving finger ends to change dozens of other minds.

Learn and make your own extender,

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The @professor is a savage :rofl:

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I would rather say unconstructive and kind of trolling. Not helpful at all, it is not OUR job to extend the horrible range of eufy cams!

No it’s our job to not buy products.

Simply don’t buy on a promise, it’s your fault for doing that. Buy on what is here now and if they say it can do something now and it doesn’t then its immediate return for full refund.

Loads of reasons why promises don’t transpire, some of them good reasons. Technology you buy is a moment-in-time decision. Technology you intend to buy in the future is seeking out reviewers with hands-on.

The effort to make a vendor deliver on a promise exceeds the effort to avoid promises in the first place.

Simple tip: it isn’t true til someone independent proved it. Regardless of brand.

But who is independent?
Do you think those thousand of influencers and reviewers are?
Not me.
I write as true reviews as possible.
May be this is a reason I am not invited to many programs anymore.
And I dont use social media., that may be the main reason.

If true helpers and their honest, profounded answers are not needed any more,
the frustrated users should ask those influencers at Youtube and elsewhere.
I dont mind.
I am not greedy to get donated devices only to create “beautiful” videos and reviews.

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So if you have a problem with a vendor, you should email them privately, this notion you can bully someone in a public forum is not going to work. The ability to resolve issues between customer-vendor is higher when private because it then becomes person-to-person and not public-to-corporate. Companies have product roadmaps, costs, and market analysis which influences them more than anything anyone can type here.

Public forums is for those who own and those interested in owning to exchange information.

Independent good reviewer would be someone who says what they find, and the best ones put in the effort to find as much as possible. It is hard to find a good reviewer, if you reject the ones who keen to do camera panning, unboxing, music overlay and say “powerful”, and narrow to the ones who use meters and make sound, audio, image comparisons, then these forums become much more valuable as we critique to understand the reviewer’s conclusions.

Now to radio transmission extension, well that’s just a matter of find the frequency so you can get the correct length antenna. Half wavelength, so speed of light / frequency / 2. A parabolic dish to focus it needs to be at least that half wavelength.

Moving the homebase to be mid-way between cameras and then using Wifi extension techniques to homebase would be someone can do today and get a resolution faster than forum venting.