Display Your Creativity and WIN

Hey, Anker fans!

You’re not only tech-lovers who are some of the savviest consumers around. As we’ve come to know through our interactions and events here on the forum, you’ve also got a creative side!

That’s why we want to give you yet another opportunity to show it off! We’re wondering how you can make your Anker products stand out even more than they already do.

From speed-painting by Collin Chan, to giving RoboVac some personality, to adorning your favorite holiday or birthday gift, it seems like there are endless ways to personalize your products.

We’re asking you to show us how creative you can get with your Anker gear! We’ll choose 5 winners based on creativity and “likes” from fellow community members. Those winners will receive one of the following:

Prizes will be assigned at random, but are sure to be an item from this list!

And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer PowerBucks to everyone who participates in this event. 100 of them, to be exact! So don’t be shy to send us your wildest, wackiest, and most creative takes on Anker gear.

Power On, fans!


  1. The contest is for exterior decorations only. You may choose any product from the Anker charging, eufy, Soundcore, Roav, or Nebula brands to decorate. Upload photos of your decoration in the comments and share this event to your Facebook or Twitter to be entered to win.

  2. Open to users from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

  3. Be as creative as possible! Have fun!

  4. We’ll select the top 5 winners based on creativity, quality, and the number of “likes” from community members.

  5. The #1 winning photo will be featured on Anker’s social media (with your permission of course).

  6. Event ends March 12th, 2019. The winner will be announced on March 15th.

  7. Each entrant will get 100 PowerBucks for use in future PowerDraw or Anker Auction House events.

  8. Anker reserves the right of the final explanation.

Anker Gear Decoration Contest Winners

Check it Out!


That’s Willi:

And here are the two fellows they like to listen to my Zero:

When spring is coming they will get new hats!


Super exited. I’m going to do something with my soundcore flare which is my favorite product. Thanks for this contest @AnkerOfficial two contest in one day :joy:


Doesn’t willi always look like that?? :joy::joy:

I’m out n about in the sunshine as I type!

Will give this some proper thought laters.

Without his face he would loose his identity! :joy:

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Sunshine here too Mac.
Spring will come , we can warm our “old bones”! :heart_eyes:

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@Anjou1888 @fhassm You know you can edit your post instead if posting multiple times in a row, just saying as it makes less clutter and looks better


Would love to participate, I will think of some crazy decoration for my eufycam or homebase.

Only one upgrade required. :grin:

The PowerCore LFC
Always on top form
Powering you to the top


If you answer two different persons it doesn’t make much sense to use only one answer.

You can still tag them in your reply and answer multiple people this way

Hope I don’t need to reduce my posts to such as
“Congrats” or “Nice deals” :joy:

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@fhassm It will be very hard to beat your soundcore pic with them little monkeys, especially if your dressing them up in cool outfits! Gonna try though…

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I will make them bavarian hats asap.
And it was not me who dressed them, it was my daughter.
BUT she got the talents from her father of course! :wink:

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What about cardboard cutouts of say… Cat, mouse, rat, dog, to stick on top of the eufy robo vacs?

Only has to be 2 dimensional, could be sold under accessories‽


just like asked for in the a previous post/topic.

Googley eyes, animals, art, pop, football


Hahaha. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does with this. :smiley:

Here’s my quick stab at it.

Up first is an upgarde to my beloved Soundcore Flare. Here I am adding a light up equalizer bar through the speaker grill. Ideally this will be a 360 degree EQ light up display. :boom::loud_sound::100:

Next, The brand new PowerPort Atom PD 1. This 30 Watt beast will leave you suprised. Upgraded here with the Surprised emoji. :astonished:

Enjoy :joy:


this is my pal he’s a lovely lad but sometimes his hair can get quite funky… he’s recently dyed his hair grey​:+1::grinning: :joy::joy: