Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



Omg how long are these taking you guys to make I stare at an egg for like twenty minutes not knowing what to do and then just end up eating it


Your comment literally made me lol. 🤣


loving the minion eggs


Thx! Kids love the Minions!


They took awhile, lol, we tried to make little soundcore buds out of jelly beans but no dice :joy::joy:


This is awesome that the shirt design is on your egg with electricity coming out from the egg! So cool! :smile:


Thanks for the design :thumbsup: glad to incorporate it into our egg design. And yes you nailed it about the lightning/ electricity I wasn't sure if anyone would catch that


Simple as done since my childhood - so more nostalgic really when doing with the kids.

Hope everyone's Easter/weekend was eggstravagant!


thats how all of my eggs turned out too... lol


It will be nice to display all 5 winning art together when winners are announced


I actually think it would be great to see all the eggcellent eggs that have been shared. Maybe group the 5 winners and then have the rest below. I really love seeing what everyone's been sharing.


No it doesn’t. After you have liked too many times, you are completely unable to like anymore.


Huh I’ve never reached that limit then. I have liked enough that I don’t earn bucks and points though


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Mr Anker and his very own energy supply. Hope you all like it.



it's so cool to see all the cute ideas people come up with!


LOVE THESE! Great work!


these are some great decorated eggs you guys have created!


Thank you, glad you like it :slight_smile:


I didn’t get any acrylic, so I won’t be entering. Good luck to everyone else though!


When is the last day??? To many comments to scroll all the way up :joy: