Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



Last day is tomorrow and the winners will be announced on 26th


Thanks :pray:🏻 , I’ll make sure to make them tonight


Good luck dude. Hoping to see the pictures tonight (or tomorrow)


There are some good pictures in this event. It will be a tough decision


Too late for me to enter but good luck yall


Decided to play with the eggstremely ravenous zombie egg before sending it off to its “trashy” demise.

#UseAnkerInstead #EasterEggChallenge


Lol I liked that :thumbsup:🤣


Haha. Thanks! This really was a fun a challenge. It's great to see what everyone has come up with too. :smile:


Yea it's been good to see people's creative. Good luck to you


Thanks! And same to you!


Good luck everyone.... Here's to hoping I can win a prize with my prize Anker T-shirt egg


I wish I would have gotten around to making some eggs. I really wanted to, but I didn’t have the supplies. Good luck to everyone else!


No hen around???? :joy:


More like no paint :joy:


But you have a hen?!


Yes... :laughing:


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Haha! That’s great. :smile:


Good luck to all for all the creative Easter eggs :sunglasses:


stop checking every 10 minutes
stop checking, you can wait
there were some awesome entries, so stop checking
seriously, actually do some work for once

Internal monologue is on point this morning