DashCams — What Improvements Would YOU Like to See?

Roav by Anker has released several DashCams over the past 12 to 18 months, with average reviews of 4.0 to 4.5 :star: on Amazon. From this, it appears as though the general reception from customers is positive, but as we all know, there can be room for improvement no matter how great a product is!

With new models frequently on the horizon, Roav is always looking for ways to make their DashCams even better!

So, let us know…

#What would you like to see in a future DashCam by Roav?

You can request anything from new features that may have stopped you from buying a DashCam to general improvements that you might wish your DashCam did a little better!

Either way, please let Anker know any and all of your suggestions so that they can be passed on down to the Roav R&D teams, and you might just see your wish implemented on a future Roav product!

And if you have any noteworthy experiences with an existing Roav DashCam, feel free to share those with us, as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas in advance!


Dual front and rear facing lenses, faster acting shock/bump sensors and a more heat resistant battery/power source like using a supercapacitor vs lithium ion would all be great improvements Imo.


Yes, I agree with @Jesse_Hernandez1 that both front and back cameras sync’d together would be awesome!

I would also like to see some type of cellular option where the camera could send a push notification to my phone if the bump sensor has been triggered while I’m away from the car.


I wouldn’t mind having a way to sync the camera with my phone for turn by turn directions like the Garmin cameras have.

I really want front and rear camera or the option to plugin a second camera to hook up to the rear window. Maybe even a back up feature would be nice.

If a front facing camera is added, there needs to be away to disable it and one touch feature on the phone or camera to turn it on when needed.


I would love to see Alexa integrated, similar to the way it is in Viva.

As a C1 pro owner, working wifi would be nice. It needs to be way faster, so videos do not need to cache for minute to start and repeat it after 5 seconds. And this is the situation when it “works”, about half of the time i get only thumbnails and videos just load for ever.

Live view on phone would help a lot when installing.

Background download for video files on phone app would be great. Who wants to stare a transfer bar for eternity, which is what it takes for just one file.

Glare is always a problem with dashcams, so do something about it.

If wifi could be fixed to stable and usable level, you can get rid of display and most buttons on the device itself.

Better optics for clearer picture.

Way to install to always on power supply, but detect when to sleep and not drain your battery. With this connection method, automatic connection to home wifi and working as a server, so i could check my videos while sitting at my computer. Automatic archiving when in home wifi, so that some crazy people could keep every meter of their travels without limitations of memory cards.

Higher framerate/bitrate for better motion handling.

Option for clean installation by power source with actual wires for 12v. I did connect my camera to cigar lighter leads, but inside the dash and with 12v --> usb ps from another source. There was always on voltage for interior lighting and that would have been closest and easiest source for 12v. Maybe we need to ask for car manufacturers to add usb sockets to mirrors, hoping that they do not realize they could add that whole camera and make aftermarket dashcam manufacturers obsolete. Umm… Why would I hope for that, I’m a customer. There are always some gadgets that needs to be installed, so i need keep running wires behind interior panels for decades to come, now matter what :frowning:


Another C1 Pro user (and prior C1 standard owner)

  • Better frame rate/clarity. Still can’t read license plates under most conditions.
  • Dial down the sharpening. Image still looks harsh and overly sharpened.
  • Better audio.
  • Faster wifi transfer
  • Background wifi transfer.
  • More options for overlay text style.
  • GET RID OF THE BATTERY…or at least have a battery-less option for those of us who do not care about parking mode and who would prefer to avoid the issues associated with batteries under extreme temps.
  • Touch screen or at least a better way to control the UI. I struggle every time I use it. It’s just not intuitive. More than that, it’s awkward.

But I love the standard USB connection and the route display in the app to help me locate a video segment. Keep those features please. :wink:


As an A1 dashcam owner , here are my suggestions :

  • Reduce the time the camera stays on after you turn off your car. Right now the camera continues recording for 1 whole minute which put unnecessary load/wear on the camera’s non replaceable battery . Or at least give users the option to change it

  • Dedicated WiFi button for the A1 or a hardware shortcut like pressing the power button three times or long pressing a button to turn the WiFi on or off

  • A drive summary report , something like the Yi Smart dashcam does , showing total drive time , hard breaking , acceleration events

  • Optional CPL filter accessories to reduce dashboard glare

  • Better audio alerts when there is an SD card error or when camera is not recording

  • Move the recording light indicator to the bottom of the camera , as it is a better position to see it , especially if you mount the camera right behind your rear view mirror

  • Change format of recorded files from .mov to .mp4 for a better Integrated viewing experience with Andriod & its native apps


I would like more colors so they match my car in a better way.
Even a good paint would do.

THANK YOU for all your suggestions! To ensure your feedback is heard, I sent this link to Roav’s support team, and they said they have forwarded it to the R&D team!


I’d like an interior/dual cam model w/ nightvision.

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Parking monitoring, faster startup time after the vehicle been hit.

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User Adjustable sharpness, contrast and brightness controls.
Integrate a CPL filter, mount that would allow the lens to be placed just off the glass to avoid reflections from the dash.

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Auto-time set, every time you start the device. Literally the ONLY thing GPS satellites send are the location of the satellite and the precise time from an atomic clock on board. There is no reason to ever set the time on a GPS enabled device.


Now we are all moving towards AI. There should be an Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS), which should not be an overkill (such as ones used by Tesla) but for a dash cam a limited functions like lane departure, collision warning etc., These features might be handy for the owners of lower-end or older generation cars. I know we can buy any car with these features built-in now.


I have couple of Anker Roav Dashcams, these are good. Would like to see model which had had front and rear Dashcams synchronized. Have submitted this earlier in product ideas.


+1 for that

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I am looking to get the C2 PRO but if they update the cameras based on what is said here then I can wait a bit! This is something that I really want but don’t really need at the moment! I would love to see crisp images and everything else they posted about above! At this moment Amazon has it for $149 and I can definitely wait a tad.

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Mine keeps on saying parking collision detection whenever we get in car. sensitivity is at the lowest setting. I just don’t want to turn the sensitivity to off. It is annoying though.

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Email support and see if they can provide you with a firmware update to fix this

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