Complete a Survey | Win a 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

well put image :wink: … we are lost club :smiley:

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New members will not have the experience the old ones have.
I am not a experienced member, I dont know much.
But others here do and these are real “jewels”.
If those lost, they will be NEVER been found again.

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Are u kidding? There are like 10 people who answer questions. If they disappear, it will be detrimental to anker. Anker would notice, trust me.!



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May be it’s a good place to start - Q&A section :rofl:


Come on guys, this is not the suggestions folder. We don’t know how big their PR and support for this site is. Maybe is political? you know? a boss up there that wants to approve every change or every respond on this site so anker is not responsible for something that could go wrong. (By the way I’m not getting anything from Anker for saying this).

This is not a suggestion folder… but this is not a suggestion, only description of our observation.

If you try to start a thread on it, then chances are those get shut down as unlisted …

All I / we are asking is there are so many questions asked to Admins, there needs to be some response posted… be it on threads or on DMs.

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With 30 million customers, who make at least $5 profit each, that’s $150 million profit… Surely some of that money could be used to pay for a full timer on the forum?

RnD is great and Rosa answering as many emails is great, what is not great… The way you ignore the forum.

In the relatively short time I’ve been on here, you’re attention to the forum has dropped DRAMATICALLY, and now the crowd is getting anxious due to your not caring for the community.


Seconded @tugar32

While I share in other members frustration that admin responses are certainly more scarce now, let’s try to keep / get this topic back on track to what it about :slightly_smiling_face:

Mainly due to them seeing it as an attack (or ground zero for one) on the brand :raised_hands:

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While you may get regular contact with the bosses, most of us… DON’T. Not even via PM. Even emails don’t get the replies they used to.

Yes, it’s great they’ve grown by at what cost to the forum?

This place is the back bone to Anker (innovations and it’s subsidiaries)


Not as often as you think…either direct, as a moderator or as part of the ‘contributors’ group…pretty much a handful responses here or there over the past 2 months…compared to higher levels of contact in the past…

Its one of several social media avenues they use to build upon the reputation from their products and customer service…

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I know they have the whole menagerie of social accounts, but that’s mostly used as a child catcher! IE to get newbies.

This forum, and I suspect an Asian equivalent, are the real backbone of Anker. It’s where the hardcore fans are, but unless you’re a nube, Anker doesn’t seem to be interested in supporting the old team, and in surprised not even you get regular back up, which as mod surely that’s very important.

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Good luck to everyone competing in this giveaway and thank you to Anker for hosting this give away!

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Sorry, until today I see all the suggestions.:innocent:

I can’t tell you how heavy the daily work is :joy:, even if we work until 8-9 pm every day, we still can’t reply every post one by one, so if there is something very urgent, please send me a private message.

For this survey, we already collected over 300 responses before 1st, September.
The winners will be announced in this post today. So keep an eye out for it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for your response Ankerofficial :pray:t2:

Thanks for selecting me @AnkerOfficial and congratulations to @ndalby and the other winners. :smile:

Thanks for the selection @AnkerOfficial …didn’t favour my odds much in this one, been after nabbing the 7-in-1 Ethernet version since release :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats to the other community winners @Element321 @jercox @tugar32 @A_C @Matt_Tabor & @dicejedi


Really great to see some well known testers here.
Hope the next time an old German will be chosen. :rofl: