Coming Soon: PowerCore Select | Anker's First Portable Chargers with Fabric!



Already available...


This looks really cool, portable!! Fabric cover gives a sort of premium look.


Oh I didn’t realize it was for the USB-C cable lol


I agree....was just thinking the same.


It's beautiful but I just hope for Anker PowerCore Lite 10000mAh style with 2 PD USB-C in/out port


Don't we all? Unfortunately, anything like this is probably at least a year away based on Anker's slow rollout of USB-C PD. :confounded:


Hope my PowerCore II Slim 10000 still stay strong until that day comes lol :joy:


Not very durable if you as me...


Looks great! As long as the fabric doesn't contribute to the battery overheating I might look into it :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the fabric because it resists scratches. Does not look the best. I hope they have a PD version too! Again good job Anker!


Scratches can be polished up.


At first I was like fabric? Is that some new feature? Ah no literal fabric :laughing:.

Looks nice but I am concerned about dirt and fraying. I often toss my power bank in my bag and braided cables have had those issues.


Looks nice and gives it a premium look.

Would I buy one? I doubt it. I really dont like the fabric cables I have. They get dirty to fast. So my thoughts carry over to this product.

Before I purchase or recommend one I would need to see it person and handle one.

If it's a dark color like in the picture it wont show dirt as much. So I could hand the fabric style better

Once I get my hands on one I then I will know if I want one or not.


That's what threw me off today at work. I had to get a new laptop because mine dropped out of warrant (company policy so I'm not complaining). I opted for a Surface Laptop 2 in lieu of a Surface Pro, Surface Book or a Mac. Opened it up and low and behold it has fabric all the way across the keyboard area. Looks cool and all, but I give it about a week before my dumbass drops something on it.


I think I love the fabric but won’t actually know until I have it in my hands it looks really nice though just not sure how it will handle rugged stuff and how quickly it will collect dirt


Not gonna lie though reminds me of I think mophie powerbanks that have fabric on them could be wrong though


Wow looks amazing


While I like the look of it, not something I’d buy to be honest.

Would have to take even more care of it not to rip it / get it dirty.


No usb-c that's disappointing. Why no usb-c? :cry::sob::anguished:


but is it