Coming Soon: PowerCore Select | Anker's First Portable Chargers with Fabric!



Anker’s first portable chargers with fabric are coming soon… Take a look at PowerCore Select! :eyes:
#PowerCore Select 10000 (with PowerIQ 1.0)

#PowerCore Select 20000 (with PowerIQ 2.0)

What are your thoughts on Anker’s first portable chargers with fabric? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


I’m digging that. It looks really good, I would of loved to have seen the sides and back in fabric as well. :grin:


Design wise it looks cool but I’m curious to see how durable the fabric will be…scratches are one thing, fabric wear another…


Ooh I like that!! Looks very smart!


While i usually do like the look of it, it just feels to gimmicky to me. Fabric and batteries dont typically mix so before i make a decision on one Ill see what others think. Nice design though.


I like fabric on gadgets… until it gets dirty and I need to clean it! :confounded:


Fabric is not too good for heat dissipation. Hope that will not be a problem.


Very interesting. I love the feeling of the cloth on my flare, so I would probably like this as well :grin:


Looks good!
As we know this kind of surface (speakers) as durable I think this outfit makes sense.
I think this could be done.
(No RoboVac is needed to do this! :joy:)


Looks like a mini speaker with the fabric, but I’m sure the fabric will enhance grip


And the velcro cord strap would get stuck on that fabric!!! My OCD is killing me already!


Looks great! :ok_hand:


you’re right!


A perfect fit for the Google Home Mini. Not sure how that fabric will handle being thrown in a bag or going on lots of outdoor adventures though.


Checkout this cable that’s coming :grin:


Wife would love it! Just curious on the durability.


It looks beautiful. Hope more colours get released soon. I would rock a blue fabric one


I was thinking about that as well. Glad you mentioned it


Not an intensive user of these power banks, how hot/warm they can get to?


The fabric is kind of throwing me off just a little. As @kumar.sachin states that fabric is not good for heat dissipation. And also the fabric will collect all the oils and dirt from your fingers/palm. Might have to throw it in the washer to clean it. Make sure you use high heat on the dryer to get it really dry! Just kidding… BOOM!